i hope this is goin to replace facebook very soon, didnt knew there is an open source social network, great stuff :)

@thomsane not likely, unless it has something similar to facebook’s groups. It’s more twittery than Facebook.

@zaylea ah ok, yeah sounds plausible, the groups are a big thing for people still using fb.

@thomsane well it’s gotten to a point for a lot of hobbies/interests people have stopped just hosting forum websites or whatever and just make an FB group instead 🙄 also the marketplace is getting huge.

@zaylea yeah i miss the times when everyone had a shitty personal homepage and lots of fun with it

@thomsane Yes. But this is more likely to replace Twitter. Diaspora and Friendica might replace Facebook. Diaspora can't federate with ActivityPub though. :(

@thomsane there are lots of open source social networks. Matrix, rocket, etc are all federated open source networks

@lyra oh ok, didnt knew about them either. does any of them has a big userbase already?

@thomsane right now is probably bigger but sdf is fairly large and has been getting more users.

@thomsane me too, can do without FB,TW and G+. Too many issues all around with them, starting with pure negligence regarding data handling.

@MG yeah i am fed up with corporations hording my profiles and selling me out. im just trying to get rid of my usage of google mail and such. dont want to fuel them anymore.

@thomsane I think it would be more realistic to replace Twitter, but hopefully it won't keep Twitter's toxicity!

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