Well, the existing solution that everyone knows and tolerates is "write the stuff you want to test as synchronous logic" but I think we can do a bit better than that if I get some spare cycles to tinker with it.

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I keep writing code composed of lovely little async tasks where it becomes impossible to mock the passage of time because of the non-determinism introduced by channels and multithreading. I have a theory that the overarching solution to this is a tokio executor that lets you "await until quiescent" but I haven't figured out a way to do that yet.

I recently learnt about Buy Nothing Day, which falls on the day after Thanskgiving in the US and on the Saturday elsewhere in the world. I see that for some folk it's a protest thing, but a simple observance at home sounds like a relaxing day to me.

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Feeling sorry for the old mod team. Commenters who only read the post have ascribed all kinds of malicious motivations. I understand their instincts, but anyone's who ever been helped with their code by burntsushi, looked into his projects, or watched his mod actions on the forum would be aware he's a model open source citizen and utterly professional when dealing with upset folks over the years. When he talks about his obligations to the Rust community you can take it at face value.

What a unit, a Mac-compatible smartwatch from 1988. With Hypercard sync. comicconnect.com/item/941004

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A good recap of the security issues around using crates in kerkour.com/rust-crate-backdoo

Seeing it all laid out like this, I'm convinced - I'm going to shift all my Rust dev into VMs. All the other potential hardening measures are kind of piecemeal at best. Even if I was absolutely diligent about the transitive dependencies in _my_ code, some days you just have to clone random things on GitHub for bugfixes, etc.

Remember, if your router weighs more than 5 kg it is obliged to subtract 2 from the TTL

This is pretty impressive work from Google... through hard experience I've always considered rangefinding via BLE RSSI a fool's errand, at least to any serious level of accuracy. Environmental factors aside, different Android phones are all over the place. But to make their exposure notification system work Google has compiled a database with over 12,000 models (!) with correction data to convert them to a common reference point. developers.google.com/android/

I've been tooling around with IRC again and the most refreshing thing is that nobody knows when I'm typing. That "feature" has crept into most chat things I use and while I never really liked it, I didn't appreciate just how tiring it's become.

Is anyone aware of any downsides to the Blue Oak Model License? (blueoakcouncil.org/license/1.0)

One of the authors talks it up and it seems to be legit (writing.kemitchell.com/2019/03) but it seems uncommon still. Is there any reason for that other than "change is scary"?

Blog: tokio::sync::watch as an observable parameter thomask.sdf.org/blog/2021/11/0

A brief discussion of the new subscribe() and send_replace() methods on the watch Sender

"To replace Facebook we need a decentralised, federated system for scheduling events and RSVPing"

<millions of businesspeople look up curiously from their calendars which are populated entirely by iCal emails>

That's cool, they went out of their way to make AOE4 play nicely on integrated graphics, for machines as far back as late 2015 based on the quoted specs news.xbox.com/en-us/2021/10/24

I wonder if people born on 1 Jan 1970 get an above-average number of questions about the accuracy of their birthdate...

Cursed software idea: read notifications for the "you are typing" indicator

Noise Protocol is super cool. [A system for creating encrypted channels, kind of equivalent to TLS but simpler.] It supports all the different handshake patterns depending on which sides of the connection need to authenticate each other and whether you need to hide participants' keys from observers. noiseprotocol.org/noise.html#i

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