I wonder if people born on 1 Jan 1970 get an above-average number of questions about the accuracy of their birthdate...

Cursed software idea: read notifications for the "you are typing" indicator

Noise Protocol is super cool. [A system for creating encrypted channels, kind of equivalent to TLS but simpler.] It supports all the different handshake patterns depending on which sides of the connection need to authenticate each other and whether you need to hide participants' keys from observers. noiseprotocol.org/noise.html#i

Win11 status: fine and dandy. The only speed bump so far is having all windows for a given app grouped on the taskbar. I'm used to this from macOS, but at least on Mac you have ⌘-` for cycling windows within an application and also the "App Windows" exposé hot corner. I'm trying to train my fingers to press Win-Tab more, which isn't exactly the same thing but it'll feel normal in a week or so.

There seems to be a delay with the Xcode 13 release making its way to the Developer Downloads page. I hope it's on its way - App Store-only intallations are a hassle I could do without.

Blog: The nondigital overhead thomask.sdf.org/blog/2021/09/0

In Australia at least, I think we are in a position to slow the onset of dystopia by insisting on nondigital methods of necessary surveillance.

A fun SO thread - reportedly even the C++ creators think that "vector" was a bit of an odd name for a growable array in hindsight stackoverflow.com/questions/58

TIL the cheap USB bluetooth dongle I bought on ebay is a knockoff, which is why it doesn't work properly on Linux bugzilla.kernel.org/show_bug.c

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