Why M*A*S*H was and is the greatest thing to ever play on television.
A 1hr Video Essay, worth every minute of your time.

Christopher Tolkien, son and editor of J.R.R. Tolkien has died. He goes now to his Father(s) in whose mighty company he shall not feel ashamed. imgur.com/gallery/grcrRKA

Proud member of the "Kind of Old" club. Just be glad I don't write: Oll Korrect

10 years ago today, I took this picture.
I was living in Rock Springs, Wyoming (as an LDSC missionary) and hitchhiking or walking most places.

This twitter account was over a year old by then (I wasn't using it at the time, because: missionary).

I think I found the Swedish lovechild of Brendan Fraser and Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson.

Hoy leí el libro de Greta Thunberg. Es bien corto, y simplemente una collección de sus discursos públicos. Les recomiendo que lo lean. Te dará un mejor entendimiento de quien es ella y qué es lo que quiere, sin tomar mucho de su tiempo.
Vale la pena.

I like to divide my life into two phases:
Before I saw this image, and After I saw it.
After has been measurably better.

Do you like Audiobooks and E-Books?

First of all: if you want to buy them, I highly suggest you do so on Google Play Books (you can download them and play them anywhere).

But, if you also have a Library Card you might be able to check out a digital copy for free with OverDrive


@rianjohnson@twitter.com is a God. This is his world and we're just living in it.

is the film of the decade. In right before the buzzer.

@Ana_d_Armas@twitter.com stole the show in an incredibly star studded cast.


An interesting video for those interested in how and why The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is organized.

Creo que nos conste a todos pensar más sobre el respaldo y preservación de nuestros datos.

¿Qué pasará a todas las fotos en tu portátil protegida con contraseña cuando mueres?

Imagínate si algún día Instagram simplemente desparece. Ha pasado a tantos sitios en antes; hace poco.

I think we all need to think more about data backups and preservation.

What will happen to all the photos on your password protected computer when you die?

Imagine if some day Instagram just goes away. It's happened to so many sites before, not long ago.

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