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Working hard. 2018 - year of global change for me, but also difficult year.

Kick scooter is awesome :) Even on our bad asphalt roads. Still have to stop to catch my breath.

davdroid doesn't want to work with MIUI :(

Imho, Inrupt and Solid very promising from now view

A Newbie Tries to Learn Solid by Inrupt - Basic Introduction - YouTube -

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As a reminder, Patrick Volkerding, the BDFL of Slackware (and a genuinely nice person) still needs financial help. You can donate directly at:

I am trying to make this a monthly reminder.

Slackware was the first "usable" Linux distribution, and it's still the oldest still developped distro. And it is still one of the best (no systemd! Sane, simple system III init!)

Please donate! 🤓

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Greetings refugees:
Let's play a game, to help some of the newcomers make connections: in your name subjects and topics that interest you but aren't in your profile, as tags so they are searchable. Then boost this post or repeat its instructions so others know to do the same.

Google will close Google+.

"I think the "HN answer" nowadays is Mastodon, but I don't use it myself and don't know how well that fits your use case" (c)

Read post about " is not just a text editor". As heavy , think that also isn't just text editor, but "vim way" is to use more distributed system vs keep it solid in case of emacs. Vim doesn't try be anything in system, but has features that allow it to be the core of whole system of KISS software: mutt, vifm, vidir, tmux, newsbeuter etc.

Two week ago send mail to asking for basic unix class. This semester I'll be teaching "Introduction to the IT" for newcomers at ONPU - so it seemed like good idea get them wet in POSIX world. Everybody has smartphone (and connectbot for example). Has not received any reaction so far :(

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RT RT @servus
servus is now running a mastodon instance - will soon be available to all our members

can't properly use this device. i know theory - wood pyrolysis and so on, but without practice this stove has been almost useless. but I kept plan B :) another stove on white gas :)

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