Reading about Proteus notebook by Thomas Erickson like exploring a Standard Template Construct from the Age of Technology. I've read this text at 2010 - and was impressed. Comparing now and then feel like a whole era has passed.

t-ui slowly degrading, so I looking ways to replace all shortcuts I got used to.

most promising are KISS launcher as CLI launcher and Termux as shortcuts keeper

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The key lesson from the #Signal brownout today is that we shouldn't depend on any one platform, particularly those that tend to be centralized.

Have a dencentralized secure messenger on deck, I recommend using and supporting


@delta one of the best idea of sustainable messenger :) just read about it tnx to mastodone

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A thread on hackernews about Delta Chat -- nice to see it's quite well-informed.

So, I almost completely delinked from any specific browser :)

And I keep my bookmarks in markdown files and folders. When I save on phone, I use . This editor even has feature with pre-save export window in which I can add quote from saving site or my notes about it. In desktop I can use (with gx) or browser plugins for viewing directly inside browser.

And if I want fast export link to phone I prefer use built-in or external QR-code generator (this lifehack works even in net-cafe).

attemps to kill antother open source app (namely Chromium). Long ago engineers divided mobile and desktop folders - since then my system has been drifting to "syncthing model". All files sync between my phones and workstations by and that is staple of my sync system.

For passwords I use keepassdx container - and plugins for Firefox/Brave.

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@cypnk mostly, people bad understand and estimate chances in artificial tasks, like in Kahneman book. but the same people very good in real life estimations :) nobody will drink from pond with twenty bodies lies around its coast :)

second thought: hope that distributed systems will remain a blind spot for politicians and others like them for a long time.

Don't want any politics in the mastodon. Рolitics and monetization kill freedom and inspiration - and this spirit of old rusty networks :)

What surprises me the most is the lack of strategic thinking and the ability to calculate the game several moves ahead. Banned from Twitter? Dude, don't use anything centralized anymore! Heard about federated networks and other things? Torrents? Peertube? :) script - just one-liner ``:

echo "\n"`date +#\ %Y-%m-%d\ %H:%M:%S` $@"\n" | tee -a /storage/emulated/0/text/

and alias:

q=sh /storage/emulated/0/Download/sper/t-ui/sh/ % was a little tricky, because I want it with timestamp, but both `date` command and `alias` of t-ui launcher get percent as meaningful character. So I write small sh-script and connect it with alias...

I use -ui launcher and editor on my android phone. Markor has the QuickNotes file for quick notetaking and pasting from phone buffer. I sync it with my desktop ando other computers by Very convinient. Often save to it links and quotes from browser (better archive than quick bookmarks) etc. Last night write small script and alias to quick insert notes from t-ui command-line...

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