And I keep my bookmarks in markdown files and folders. When I save on phone, I use . This editor even has feature with pre-save export window in which I can add quote from saving site or my notes about it. In desktop I can use (with gx) or browser plugins for viewing directly inside browser.

And if I want fast export link to phone I prefer use built-in or external QR-code generator (this lifehack works even in net-cafe).

Most useful and insightful thing I've taken out of Zettelkasten system is keep cards (or notes) as small as one thought. My system allows cards any size, so I overuse it. My notes often were big (over 5000 signs). Such notes hard to split, edit, shift and toss. This stuck me a lot. The effect is like a "commit bomb" if you know what I mean ;)

Read post about " is not just a text editor". As heavy , think that also isn't just text editor, but "vim way" is to use more distributed system vs keep it solid in case of emacs. Vim doesn't try be anything in system, but has features that allow it to be the core of whole system of KISS software: mutt, vifm, vidir, tmux, newsbeuter etc.

: s01e06

For the Journal in my I use little different format. It's datetimestamp with `@` at the begining of line. Like '@ 2018-04-06 01:49'. Also, I manually put moth- and year- timestamps (with two and three `@` respectively). And, like with structure, I use script for navigation map generation and folding for editing notes in Journal.

: s01e05

Go ahead with my system - until no one objects to read it :)

I use different markup for the Journal and for the Structure notes. Latter - simple atx-style markdown header (whith crunches at beginnig of line) and timestamp on next line. For browsing I use map-generating simple python-script (also avaliable bashscript-taste version), or simple switch to vim folding mode. Map convenient for browsing, folding - for reordering file.

I use hybrid of and markup with some asciiart for my and bare links for web content. At the beginning it was self-writed mapping for open web urls from in , but later I discovered nice shortcut - `gx`, which did the same job. Also change some scripts for getting title of web-page for second line of url (may be seen in screenshot), but that is another story.

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