: s01e06

For the Journal in my I use little different format. It's datetimestamp with `@` at the begining of line. Like '@ 2018-04-06 01:49'. Also, I manually put moth- and year- timestamps (with two and three `@` respectively). And, like with structure, I use script for navigation map generation and folding for editing notes in Journal.

: s01e04

My inspiration for my was "Life inside one big text file"[1] (AFAIK author abandon his system in favor of bunch of tiny text files under SVN version control). Later I understood that reopened system similar to Canon Cat of Jef Raskin[2]. And third was article about Proteus notebook by Thomas Erikson[3].

[1]: 43folders.com/2005/08/17/life-
[2]: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Canon_Ca
[3]: tomeri.org/notebook.html

At early days of my there was only one all-in-one big file which was divided in two parts. Upper part was the Structure, the Lower part was the Journal - because this is naturally add notes one-by-one to end of file (like feed), and keep structured notes on top of file (like outline). As days goes by, a few global categories became sprouted and was splitted to separate files. mastodon.sdf.org/media/-Bvw-ff

I use hybrid of and markup with some asciiart for my and bare links for web content. At the beginning it was self-writed mapping for open web urls from in , but later I discovered nice shortcut - `gx`, which did the same job. Also change some scripts for getting title of web-page for second line of url (may be seen in screenshot), but that is another story. mastodon.sdf.org/media/2Jpde1C

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