Okay, people. I've been reading about and I totally get it in the context of development. What I don't get is distribution. If I finish building a command line app in python and want to share it, would everyone that wants to use it have to set up a virtualenv on their end to do so? And what about in context of a cron job? Is it normal to script a wrapper that launches it in virtualenv context? What am I missing here?


@tomasino (my two cents from not real developer)

imho in web or/and scientific context virtualenv just good enough. usually its server or environment (jango, or ipython/jupyther) and if you need another server you just reinstall all required libs via pip, like apt in debian. so it's more os or shell, than application.

but software development on python is terra incognita for me, so so I'll watch for other answers too :)

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