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Tom Ryder boosted I just used "copy as curl" a couple minutes ago. Please stop harassing me.

We know, of course, that human beings survived before the invention of “Copy as cURL” in web browser consoles, but how this was possible is a mystery lost to time.

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> I assumed that [,-.] was a typo and it wouldn’t match -, but I couldn’t find a bug.

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Releasing a game console as proprietary initially just so the console hax scene cracks it and finds all the vulnerabilities in the OS, and then promptly releasing everything as open source and opening up homebrew after fixing the vulnerabilities

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Hi, we're the SDF Public Access UNIX System - a non-commercial collective of artists, musicians, DJs, coders, hackers and friendly creative types. Here are some pictures of SDF over the past 30 years (we're celebrating our 35th this year).

We joined in May of 2016 migrating from &

It seems that Mastodon is one of the best things to happen to the INTERNET. Welcome!

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Friends of the #fediverse. Lots of changes coming to the #Thunderbird #email client in the next three months. Would love if you could all grab the Daily or Beta release and let me know thoughts and concerns as you watch the changes roll in.

Go to the bottom of site to choose version:

Feel free to ping me with your experience!

Welcome, folks. We’ve been expecting you.

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Now would be the prime time for any Mastodon admins with servers capable of accepting new users and scaling up to submit them to

More info: Shoot me an e-mail at

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5,075,494 accounts
+574 in the last hour
+20,621 in the last day
+35,208 in the last week

JPEG-XL support (libjxl) went into FFmpeg:

JPEG-XL is a new general-purpose JPEG image standard that will hopefully fare better than JPEG-2000 has:

You can do pretty amazing stuff with the procedural generation of JPEG-XL:

This image, “Synthwave Rain” by Jon Sneyers, is 38 bytes in the new standard.

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I got asked about this by somebody from WIRED so I got some numbers together. I believe that Mastodon servers have gained around 49,000 new people since March. Our iOS app downloads rose by 109%. On, I am seeing a 71% increase in sign-ups and 36% increase in monthly active users as people are coming back to their old accounts.

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<< The total word count of the W3C specification catalogue is 114 million words at the time of writing. If you added the combined word counts of the C11, C++17, UEFI, USB 3.2, and POSIX specifications, all 8,754 published RFCs, and the combined word counts of everything on Wikipedia’s list of longest novels, you would be 12 million words short of the W3C specifications." >>

Drew DeVault

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