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That’s not to say he didn’t himself have a fantastic time.

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Terry and I went on a train ride. His idea—he told me I’d been working too hard recently.

Closer to home, I’m having some trouble convincing Terry and Bugsy that our storage backend should be implemented on somewhat more modern hardware than their present choice.

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We’re building a network for more efficient and reliable duck picture storage. Freddie has been working hard at our Midwest USA branch all morning.

“At the LibrePlanet conference over the weekend, Richard Stallman announced that he has returned to the Free Software Foundation's board of directors.”

Looking forward to getting mercy‐killed after Linux User Group tomorrow night.

Terry is very pleased by being able to express himself more clearly in our system changelog, thanks to​’s guide to converting MariaDB databases to utf8mb4.

After a lengthy period in quarantine and/or misplacement by confused postal workers, Alan the duck, RAF foreign liaison for New Zealand, has arrived at his new post—“to work closely with his UK counterparts”, according to @kline​.

Show thread “Cedric is a fan of my triple shot long black with cream.”

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I was sad to learn today that Perl CPAN author KENTNL (Kent Fredric) has passed away, according to Facebook:

Kent taught me how to make Perl distributions. I now very much wish I’d had the chance to meet him in person—we were even countrymen. So sorry for his family’s loss—and the Perl and Gentoo communities’ loss, too. “Cedric has been attempting to open his third eye and peer through the gate that leads to the inner realms of higher consciousness. I think he finally succeeded this morning.”

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Our worst fears have been realised. Freddie has succumbed to the Great Satan. Terry and I are very worried for him.

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