I shouldn’t have turned out the lights when I left the room. Terry is cackling madly, and I have never seen Bugsy so terrified.

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Taking a week off work. Brought home two resident experts to check out my home network. Terry says one yellow cable is good, but I need more for maximum performance. Bugsy just got done fastening a fresh cable tie.

Having a remote meeting this morning on ransomware mitigation. Freddie and one of his contractors in our USA branch are demonstrating the use of eSATA for performing offline manual backups conveniently. Terry seems impressed so far.

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It’s a bit embarrassing that Terry and Bugsy haven’t seen me clean my keyboard before. Oh well―at least they’re having a good time.

We haven't even got past the LiveCD splash screen for the hardware support test yet, and Terry is already tremendously excited. @debian

Terry and I eventually gave up on this Sendmail book—too hard—and had to bring in a consultant on a colleague’s payroll.

Terry and Bugsy are the newest fans of Michael Francis McCarthy’s tonalist landscapes.

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