Irssi v1.4.1 released; lots of bug fixes, some IRCv3 features, and a move to a Meson/Ninja build system.

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Of particular note: the script doesn’t work since this update. I recommend switching to Worked for me.

@tejr fuck it. that's a python shit. and irssi is normal C application. why do people ever use that bullshit? I remove it everywhere in package building, returning to normal autotools.

@iron_bug I dunno. At least it didn’t get Rusted. Did take me a bit to adapt my build script, but not too bad.

@tejr I built a whole distro without python and rust shit. no crap in production. but some packages still use ninja in their building. I work on this, removing the ppop from every package existing. and it offends me when normal C packages start using that bullshit.
but at least this crap does not desecrate my computers on working systems, it took quite lof of time to clean it up. and I proceed with creating a "no crap distro".
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