> new scripting language
> avoid vim-specific constructs
:blobcatpleading: why make a new language if you aren't gonna weave it in to things

@icedquinn I haven’t even looked at the new scripting constructs yet. I write tons of Vim script and at the moment I’m still supporting Vim v7.0, so unless they have a particularly aggressive deprecation cycle I don’t know how much it’s going to matter to me for the next few years.


@tejr the page you linked says no plans to deprecate old vim script.

i'm just baffled as to why they bothered. the big reason to roll your own language is because you have game-specific practices and the language is abridging that for you, like how emacs-lisp has dynamic scoping which is aggressively used to enable scopeful shenanigans.

if they don't want it to be built around vim-isms i don't see the appeal vs generic FFIs

(related: https://github.com/metacall/core though i still need to have a play. it's basically a mini-corba.)

@tejr I think it would be funny if the new scripting language was a Lisp

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