I wonder how many times in Unix’s history someone’s got confused/frustrated because nobody had told them about manual page sections and they typed `man crontab` and it had nothing at all to do with the file format (`man 5 crontab`).

It’s a bit like the gotcha of GNU Bash’s “builtin” commands behaving slightly differently from the programs with the same names documented in `man` pages, if nobody tells you about e.g. `help -m printf` vs `man printf`, `help -m echo` vs `man echo`, etc

Or the simultaneous relief and anger you feel when someone first explains to you that /bin/sh and /bin/bash are not at all the same thing, but on some systems /bin/sh invokes Bash, but it still behaves slightly differently to be more historically consistent and POSIX-fearing, but doesn’t actually turn off at least some of its non-POSIX features, etc, etc


Or the first time someone tells you that you don’t need to use `dd` to copy block devices, you can just use `cat`, `cp`, `pv` etc

* vidarholen.net/contents/blog/?
* eklitzke.org/the-cult-of-dd

That one sometimes makes people reel so much that you have to get them to try it out and do a checksum afterwards before they’ll believe you

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Or the first time you try to print the string "-n" and you try `echo -n` and it doesn’t work and you try `echo -- -n` thinking you’re clever and it *still* doesn’t work and someone tells you about `printf` and how even the POSIX standard recommends not using `echo` but they can’t deprecate it because people just won’t stop

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