Unprecedented challenge spawns unprecedented collaboration: Privacy-first Universal exposure tracking tools to be baked into iOS and Android for use by public health officials.

#COVID19 impact modelling & communication 

@doctorow@twitter.activitypub.actor The video lists a link to a web site that automates basic for projected cases, and deaths in your local area, using US Census data.


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#COVID19 impact modelling & communication 

@doctorow@twitter.activitypub.actor shares a compelling video built by an epidemiologist and SF author to help engage their community in taking appropriate action against - well worth watching/sharing if you need assistance with communicating the importance of Social Distancing, Hygiene, etc.


#Coronavirus #Covid19 Awareness 

Baltimore releases excellent and effective campaign (β„… Anthony Rapp on Birdsite).

#coronavirus humour 

Jonathan Pie delivers some flavoured goodness


Bird-site UK strategy analysis

A fascinating unpacking and reverse engineering of the UK’s unique and potentially risky strategy to manage and use the virus as a weapon against itself.


Dishwashing liquid a good, maybe even superior, alternative to liquid soap or bar soap if you cannot find it.


#coronavirus Official AU Gov Response #auspol 

Imperfect, many questions, but light years ahead of Trump’s horrifying Oval Office address. Glad I’m in Aus and not the US right now. We may well have a rough time of this crisis here, but I fear the US may have it worse.


Coronavirus preparedness 

Well, shit’s about to get real. My local government has just given us a sobering heads-up about what to expect from its response in the coming weeks. Take this one seriously guys - it’s not just happening to β€œthem” β€œover there”.

'All schools will close': Victorians warned to brace for 'extreme' coronavirus response


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