БРОНЗЫ БИТЬ Café 80s 58 - Once Were 80s

Join Bronzie and the @SDF damgüdcyberchatter crew for a boogie-session that will take you down memory lane and onto the sub-basement dance floor. These classic 80s tunes will be served hot, with a twist that will have you up and dancing your way into the weekend in no time.

anonradio.net // 00:00 utc saturday

Come for the classic, stay for the contemporary!

We are family & so R U - all welCOM 🥳😎😸🤠😈👽🤖👨‍🎤🧑‍🚀👰🏻‍♂️🧝‍♀️🧙🏽‍♀️🧚🏾🦄🐒

Come listen to some crooners and smoothers on anonradio.net
At the top of the hour with the @SDF damgüdcyberchatter crew - you may even hear live aftershocks 😆

БРОНЗЫ БИТЬ 61 — Fever Dreams

Work up a head of steam, then let it all out with Bronzie & the @SDF damgüdcyberchatter crew in the anonradio.net sub-basement home of sonic excitation

Enjoy an eclectic set of sultry crooners, torch standards & bare-chested bangers celebrating the tangential journeys of the human heart

Come for the aural stimulation, stay for the enveloping warmth of the awesome damgüdcyberchatter crew

00:00 utc Wednesday
Come one, come all, we all float down here 🍌

БРОНЗЫ БИТЬ CAFÉ 80s 57 - 🤤 A Summer of Love 🤤

Join your @SDF damgüdcyberchatter family and take a virtual journey through spacetime to the underground dawning of a sonic revolution. Transcend the tyranny of the now, and discover the blissful birth of an underground movement that celebrated the hope for a new age of love, joy and repetitive beats.

Get ahead of the curve & get your 80s rave on at anonradio.net at 00:00 utc saturday (today!)

All are welCOM // 🧡💛💚💙💜🖤🤍🤎❤️‍🔥❤️‍🩹💗☯️🕉💟😈👽🤖🎃😺👩‍🎤🧑🏽‍🎤👨‍🎤🧑‍🚀🦸🦹

БРОНЗЫ БИТЬ THE RESISTANCE 60 - Modern Life is Autocratic

Come join Bronzie and the @SDF damgüdcyberchatter crew at 00:00 this Wednesday for a mornevening of multifarious reflection and chillaxed COM chat breeze-shooting, exploring the nuances, nooks & crannies of the particular moment we find ourselves in.

The music will be eclectic, the company diverse, the languages manifold and the vibe relaxed. Come for the familiar, stay for the twists of esoteric spice.



БРОНЗЫ БИТЬ - Café 80s 56 - Different Hughes

Join the @SDF damgüdcyberchatter crew & find yourself circa 1980s, ready to come of age in a hyper-real suburban bubble confected by the king of 80s cool kids - John Hughes.

Whether you catch the bus, or cruise into the highschool car park in your late-model Merc, your hair will be voluminous, and your jean jacket designer, your direction straight to the Mall, forever Born to Shop™

anonradio.net // 00:00 utc saturday

All are welcome! 💜

БРОНЗЫ БИТЬ THE RESISTANCE 59 - aNONradio 25th Anniversary Special Edition - Damgüdcyberchatter Revolution

Come HACK THE PLANET with Bronzie Beat and the @SDF damgüdcyberchatter crew to celebrate 25 years of Internet streaming

anonradio.net // 00:00 utc wednesday

Come celebrate to the tune of the Internet revolution, and shoot the breeze across the information superhighway with your fellow global villagers on COMchat

ALL ARE WELCOME 🤗😎🧛🏿😈👽🤖💜💙💚🧡


Catch you in just under 2 hours (00:00) utc


Come chat with us on @SDF COM!

Бронзы Бить CAFÉ 80s 55 — By the Numbers

Who can it be now? Join Bronzie Beat and the @SDF damgüdcyberchatter crew to explore the top songs on the Aussie charts for each year of the 1980s

Strive for satisfaction as you explore the “EXTRA” decade, and discover a sonic time-capsule of a period when “greed was good” and political correctness was a often “tossed for a six”

Come for the big-hair harmonies, stay for the COM chat camaraderie

All are welcome anonradio.net 00:00 utc sat

Dear @SDF damgüdcyberchatters — I’m needing to assist in transport and support with a medical appointment, so The Resistance will be taking a break this Wednesday. Catch you on Saturday for Café 80s!

БРОНЗЫ БИТЬ CAFÉ 80s 54 - I’ll have what she’s having

Blow-wave your hair, don pleated slacks & join Bronzie Beat and the @SDF damgüdcyberchatter crew for a silky set of 80s sonic smoothness, covering post-punk, new wave, sultry pop and beyond.

Featuring well-known main-streamers woven into a music fabric with more esoteric song spinners, this set will feature artists from the US, UK, Australia and Canwegia and more.

anonradio.net // 00:00 utc saturday (that’s today).

All welcome!

Catching up on @northernlights "Praise and then Darkness" while taking a break from setting up my new-old firewall Some beautiful tunes so far NL! <3 Sending you love.

Бронзы Бить THE RESISTANCE 58 - Queer Revolution

Come join Bronzie and the @SDF damgüdcyberchatter crew to bask in the full spectrum light of the rainbow revolution. Paying homage to universally loved classics, as well as unleashing an energetic cache of the new, this playlist mixes styles and vibe, from shimmering dancefloor stompers, through heartfelt ballads to sparkly-dark alternative, eclectic is the theme du jour.

This is a safe space - straight, queer or otherwise, UR welcome here 💗

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