Come join Бронзы Бит and the @SDF damgüdcyberchatter crew to boogie your box off to the funkiest of funky 80s dance floor fillers.

Bronzie will be playing a selection of 80s bops, mixed with a dash or 3 of vintage acid house, and a whole lot of classic rump shakers. // 00:00 utc saturday (today!)

Launch into an uplifting weekend with Bronzie & the crew. Come for the tunes, stay for the multicultural love on @SDF com chat! All welcome 💜💚💙

@tbn97 Can't wait to partake of the 80s fun tonight with all the on @SDF! 🎶🎉🎶


@claudiom @SDF looking forward to your company. Party time! 🪅🎉🕺🏼

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