THE RESISTANCE 03 - Café 80s

Streaming live on tonight

• Friday 5PM PDT / 8PM EDT
• Saturday 00z00 UTC / 10z00 AEST

Join Bronzie Beat (that’s Me) to celebrate life to the beat of the 80s. Step back in time for the smooth grooves, stay for the cool crew on SDF com and IRC!

@tbn97 Unfortunately, I'll have to listen to the archives and miss out on tonight's shindig. 😔 Got something planned tonight.

@claudiom you will be missed! I seem to be recovering from the bug I’ve had, so should be around in com (& tilde IRC) for shows next week. Looking foReward to catching up. Have an awesome weekend!

@tbn97 Will this be your regular time slot, old chap? Got to put it in the calendar.

@Shufei heya 0000 UTC Saturday’s it is :) ... Will probably also request a slot mid weekish in the near future :)

@tbn97 haha we’ll trade archives on mix cloud! 👍

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