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Krister Löfgren

Moving, possibly permanently, to our own hackerspace instance. @tardigrader

RT @hackerklubben: "We’re incapable of conceiving politics as a communal activity because we have become habituated to being consumers rather than citizens. Politicians treat us as consumers to whom they must deliver; we grumble about politics as consumers do about a disappointing product or service. Shock and buyers’ remorse are the only fitting attitudes towards politics conceived as an extension of shopping."

"The old promise of the internet — niche communities, human connection, people exchanging ideas, maybe even paying each other for the work they’d made — never really lost its appeal, but this year it came back with a miniature vengeance."

Tiny, weird online communities made a comeback in 2017 - Tiny, weird online communities made a comeback in 2017 -

This is spot on and the actual reason I quit alcohol nine years ago.

New Years resolutions to be jotted down. Shoot me with your best resolutions for 2018! Stuff to learn, shit to do. Keep it anti-consumerist, pro environment and social good. More FLOSS? How and what? Communal projects? Creative endeavors? We've got an election in Sweden in 2018, how do we fight the good fight? INSPIRE ME!

Is Santa a high-level friend -- or foe?

The yearly purging has been completed. A bunch of accounts deleted. Passwords updated. Bloody hard work, to be honest.

Seriously, at times winter in Sweden is absolutely gorgeous.

I love this picture on so many levels.

For starters, the amount of care that the artist made in getting the machines and other computing paraphernalia correct.

But also because it encapsulates the promise that computers had in the 1970s. The sheer optimism that computers could really change the world in a positive way.

I still think they can. I refuse to believe that we've corrupted computing beyond that optimistic phase.

A merry Christmas to y'all from the north of Sweden!

I want to see more non-techy folks come to Mastodon.

I want folks to feel comfortable talking about their selves, lives, passions, and interests and not feel they shouldn't be here because they aren't "smart" or technical enough or understanding of "nerd culture."

In short: Modern day slave labour.

'The Basic Grossness of Humans'

It's Christmas time! Remember this classic? Yeah, just stop.