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The beginning of the end of the #monolithic_silo mentality in software development.

I I'm to be so bold as to make a prediction, this is the roadhead into a world where places like Microsoft's #GitHub is merely used as a directory, much like Yahoo, DMOZ, and google, to locate project repos hosted elsewhere by virtue of those projects only being mirrored at silos like Github.


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if you think that's bad, you should follow up on what he did to Hawaii, displacing locals for his walled estate and predatory real estate purchasing campaign.

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#FOSS Breaking News:

At this very moment we're having a #NextCloud Livestream via YouTube.

I've asked the question about the possibility for Matrix as a plugin capability. It has received several +1's from other prominent members in the community but so far they have chosen not to address the question.

#Talk is *just* okay, as it's not the most performant, yet it does provide a good level of security.

More universal, however, is #Matrix, hence, my question to the team.

Yes I know, I encourage everyone to use Invidious to sanitize YouTube VoDs, or choose another platform entirely. This is however, live, so in order to get in and have these questions considered by the team there's really no other option during this premeire (perhaps in the future, they'll multi-stream with #OBS across several platforms like #OwnCast and #PeerTube ;)

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It is my friend, it is.... at least the largest part of it is.

Woe be to all of those who think they own BTC in their #CashApp, #PayPal, #Coinbase, #Crypto_dot_com, and other so-called #Exchange_based_wallets - ask yourselves this: "Why do you suppose that you have to include a **memo** when you give someone your key (aka: your public key is colloquially referred to as your "Bitcoin address")?

Answer, because you don't actually have a wallet! because you're not your own bank, people. But it is so easy for you to be your own bank.

How many people have actually asked themselves why, that along with your bank account number you also need a routing number? Think about that folks ;) Why, when you have a BTC address, do you also need to give your customer a memo to include in the transaction? It's not completely analogous, but It's #kinda_sorta the same thing lolz.

I highly recommend XLM and shielded ZEC for banking purposes, and further, giving a quick listen to Zooko Wilcox explaining how to actually protect your private assets, and keeping them private:


Now, as people (smart people, informed people, literate people - not ignorant people) begin to affect the mass exodus away from the privacy disrespecting monolithic silos of the secretive, data mining social media monopolies, they should also be looking towards the less volatile, less speculative crypto blockchains (i.e., NOT Bitcoin, which has little to no use case) as a place where their assets are safe from the dystopian lords who insist upon the fealty of their serfs in their structurally feudal empires.

We can all start by encouraging people to pay you in the crypto of your choice, and when ask to send money to someone always responding with, "What's your public key for your favored cryptocurrency?".

Just like anything else (especially in marketing 101), when someone hears this enough they'll actually go out and either setup a hot or offline wallet for themselves or ask someone to show them how - each and every time that happens, you have saved a soul.

Remember folks.... You can haz #Cheezburgerz! 🍔

All the best! :)

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#Dutch parents: "We're not fucking around here bitches!"

Sang to the tune of 6 Billion Euros!

€1500 for each child who was under 13 when they started using the service
€1250 for each child who was 13, 14, or 15 when they started using the service
€1000 for each child who was 16 or 17 when they started using the service.

You would think that after getting an enema for three quarters of a billion euro a couple of months back that they would have #fingered it out, but NOOooo! That Chinese government data mining company apparently has a serious ear #infucktion.

Fuck you #TakToe!


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#Boom_Shakalaka! 🔨

#Faceplant fall down go boom boom?

Awwww, too bad, so sad - NOT!

The moral of the story? "Don't piss off your #BOFH mofo's! You no can haz #Cheezburgerz! 🍔



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