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This is going to become more commonplace and popular, and honestly, I think built into existing wallet infra is a positive thing, with support for what are only additional features that can be added into contemporary non-custodial wallet products.

But it simply addresses something that really isn't much of a thing, notwithstanding good backup practices - the article unwittingly points this out right up front too, without irony.

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He was an Admiral, the #Prime_Minister, and became #Spains_First_Astronaut when he was launched 66 feet into the air, and over the top of his church onto a second story balcony on the other side of the building.

They just don't make Mopars (a 1972 Dodge 3700 GT) like they used to back on 20 December 1973 when #Luis_Carrero_Blanco was #assassinated during a spectacular Intraplanetary #liftoff at 9:36 in the morning.

It must have been a #Hemi.

He actually survived for about 40 minutes following the #suborbital_flight and died at the hospital at 10:15am. His body guard and chauffer lived a wee bit longer than that.

He was a real motherfucker too. #Franco's right hand man actually, and about as devious as one could be, operating a virtual government within the government.

180 pounds of dynamite placed in a tunnel under the street next to his church provided necessary propulsion for the launch of his #Mopar rocket ship, propelling him over the five story church as his car was driving away following his attendance at mass.

Had this bitch not met his demise that day, it is doubtful the #monarchy would have been restored. #Juan_Carlos_I would likely never have been crowned #King_of_Spain, establishing a democratic republic and creating a free state.

Holy #Virgin_Galactic, Batman! Can you say, "E" ticket?

#tallship #Vger #Boom_Shakalaka

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If you've used SDF direct since 1998 for terminal service, you've pass through this intel 486 USR total control

Dial (206)324-0474 for direct dialup access

This device has been in constant service for 24 years.

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Yes I do indeed my friend. I recommend using two phones, only using the #iPhone for strictly work related matters. It is the ultimate surveillance device from the most #privacy_disrespecting manufacturer.

Nevermind #SpyRix and other common invasive tracking software installed on most employee phones, usually without that users knowledge - all perfectly legal. #Apple itself goes above and beyond the call of #dystopian duty to shield you from others so they themselves can be the most exploitive violator of your personal, medical, and financial information.

Every #AirTag and #WiFi router you come into the proximity of is part of the egregious tracking and personal #privacy_mining and data collection operations by Apple. #BLE and #900MHz monitoring capabilities built right into autoupdateable firmware on chips that you cannot disable in any way shape or form.

You cannot turn off or opt-out of this #surveillance in anyway, ever, on an iPhone.

I highly recommend CalyxOS on an Android that you have for personal use, using the iPhone only for official work related tasks, and perhaps even keeping it in a small #faraday_bag when you're off duty. There's no reason you should feel okay with sharing your most intimate business and whereabouts with Apple and your employers.


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- I just don't feel like a submarine is a real boat. Like, it's the bottom of a boat twice. It's a boat sandwich.

- #Quote Gamefully Unemployed review of Crimson Tide.

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@forgefed is alive again 🎉 The repository was updated today and a videoconference is announced June 13th, 2022. I very much look forward to contribute (in fact I'll start right away) and happy that the maintainers are back 👍


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And I'm not alone, apparently this young #BlackRedstart wanted a delicious worm too. 😄

It's one of three youngsters who roam around our garden every day, waiting to get some food brought to them. And they are not quiet while waiting!
But that's fine, I love watching them and occasionally I get lucky with photos like this one. Although as soon as I step out into the garden, the parents start warning everyone that there's danger coming.

#photography #EyesOnNature

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Hey buoys and gulls! For those who love noting or authoring with #Markdown, checkout #GitNoter, which just pushed out it's 1.0 general prod release - the developer is currently feverishly working on general #git integration for everyone who merely runs regular old git services on their local machines as well as #Gitea.

In the meantime, for those who don't have an aversion to using GitHub, you can use GitNoter through GitHub via OAuth2, and it supports #private_repos by default right out of the box.

It's #FOSS, Self-hosted, and under active development. I do recommend giving it a good spin, and considering that support for Gitea is underway this will soon be a tool that all FOSS and #Privacy Advocates can use in good conscience without reservation.


#tallship #Vger #private_repos #self_hosted

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Marky Mark (and the funky bunch) replace Google Drive.

Gdrive, Gsuite, Google Apps for Business, Google Docs, whatev you wanna call that deprecated, legacy, and privacy destroying bullshit, is dead to FOSSies and other Privacy concise individuals and corporations.

Do you own a small business with a handful, or even a few dozen employees? Or maybe your the CEO of a Fortune 500 tired of living in a world ransomed by Google and other Privacy disrespecting, closed source, and data mining espionage leveraging companies.

Maybe your name is Joe Fucking Schmoe - like me, with friends and family that are not willing to be extruded through the sieves of meat grinders, then packaged, inventoried, priced, and placed onto the shelves for purchase.

Well, have no fear! Marky Mark is here!

Actually, only Ham radio operators will understand that the correct pronunciation of /e/ is actuality "mark e mark", but I've apparently gotten your attention so... mission accomplished.

Here's the details:


Feel free to boost. Awareness is empowerment.

#tallship #Vger #FOSS #privacy #OpenSource @OpenSource @clay @tallship@tallship@quanta.wiki #rocketchat #NextCloud #Freedom as in beer #e2e #decentralization

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This is big news in the #FOSS world, and good news too.

Feel free to boost, and we'd love to hear your thoughts and suggestions!


#tallship #Vger #matrix #rocketchat #privacy #opensource
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No, not at all. I mean I do, but it was always complete and udder (sic) bullshit (See what I did there? In the middle of a baby formula shortage?).

Anyway, Here's what I remember. Apple was always a closed and proprietary platform, while the IBM PC compatible world was always open (once a couple of guys took it upon themselves to reverse engineer the BIOS).

So we went from S-100 to Apple's proprietary, vendor lock-in platforms to the IBM 5150 PC, which you had a choice of operating systems to run it on:

1.) IBM ROM BASIC - also called "Cassette BASIC". These machines had 64K motherboards, of which I have a few, and there was a DIN connector in the back of the chassis which you could plug in a cassette deck to LOAD and SAVE your programs. The IBM XT 8088 also included IBM Cassette BASIC.

2.) Digital Research CP/M - written almost entirely by Dr. Gary Kildall, the guy who actually made the personal computer possible in the first place, so that "The WOZ" could even create the Apple computer.

3.) IBM PC DOS 1.01 - written entirely by Tim Paterson, on loan to Microsoft by Rod Brock, the owner of SCP (Seattle Computer Works) where Paterson was employed.

There have been a few other operating systems since those initial three, such as MP/M, GEM, Coherent, Venix, SCO XENIX System V, PC/IX, Idris, and a few others. All of these will run on an 8086, with most capable (technically) of running on an 8088.

Later hardware opened the door to a plethora of options including Netware (80286 based systems), and for the i386 class of machines came the 4.2 BSD port affectionately called Jolix (386BSD), followed by NetBSD, FreeBSD, and Linux.

As you might have already guessed, I have many of these historic operating systems ready to run on old PC compatible hardware that I own.

Windows isn't an actual operating system until NT 3.50 was released (LanManager technology thanks to James Allchin of Banyan Vines fame). Prior to that it was an effective Window manager on top of MS-DOS, DR-DOS, etc., with Windows being the actual alternative task switching windowing environment to its predecessors IBM TopView and Quarterdeck DESQview, respectively, the latter of which eventually evolving into DESQview/X - a complete Motif based X-Windows environment that could run UNIX applications with nothing but an IP Address and NetBIOS (on top of DOS, of course, like Digital Research DOS and QEMM386 for memory management).

NT 3.50 and NT 3.51 were based on the WFW desktop design, while NT 4.0 and later were based on the Win95 style of desktop.

If you want to know if any particular version of MS-Windows is an actual OS, and not just window dressing, then simply look and see if it's running on DOS or Ntoskernl.

It was thought, or at least inferred by Linus Torvalds at one time, that Linux couldn't be ported to the 286 w/o a lot of pain and suffering. I do believe there was a successful independent effort to achieve this, but obviously, the 286 lacks a lot of internals that could make Linux what it is on the >= 386 class system.

Apple, on the other hand, or at least Apple clones, could at one time run the MS Windows desktop, but I've always been proudly MAC Stupid, so I can't really delve authoritatively into that subject matter :) For the most part, Apple has always been a closed system at that asshole Steve Jobs' insistence, even though this was not the vision of The WOZ (who is a great hero - Jobs was a marketing genius, but nevertheless a piece of shit).

I'll leave you with two of my favorite quotes of all time :)

"IBM wanted CP/M prompts. It made me throw up."

- Tim Paterson


"Ask Bill why the string in [MS-DOS] function 9 is terminated by a
dollar sign. Ask him, because he can't answer. Only I know that."

- Dr. Gary Kildall.

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I'm almost at a loss for words...

In a nutshell, Russian artillery batteries have been firing in Europe's largest nuclear power plant, the fires are out of control, and it's expected that the resulting meltdown will be at least ten times worse than Chernobyl.

WWIII ended on Christmas day 1991.
WWIV has begun.
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I'm less than 24hrs, a #Chinese_rocket will crash into the moon.

This will occur tomorrow at exactly 4:25am, Pacific Standard Time - give or take a few seconds.

You can watch this live... Actually, lolz, you can't. Unlike the metaphor of a tree that falls in the forest when no one is around, there's plenty to be learned even though nothing will actually witness the impact, because it's on the far (not dark) side of the moon.

Just to be clear, this is the Chinese second stage booster of the Chang'e 5-T1 lunar mission's rocket, and NOT the SpaceX rocket everyone was telling you that it is - SpaceX had absolutely nothing to do with this.

Soon after, several monitoring spacecraft will eventually be able to observe the aftermath abd begin gathering important data when their orbits bring them over the impact area. The most intriguing discoveries will likely be more about the water that we know exists on the moon.

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The furthest object made by human hands is NASA's Voyager 1 (V'Ger - for those who are familar with Star Trek - The Motion Picture).

It is about 15 billion miles away from earth and is still doing "science" every single day. You can track V'Ger in real time here:

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Fifteen years ago today, after speeding past #Jupiter while en route to #Pluto, the #New_Horizons spacecraft caught a look at Jupiter's moons #Europa and #Io (right). Today, the #JunoMission is exploring Jupiter, and #EuropaClipper is slated for launch in 2024.
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An outside independent perspective from a third party industry insider enamored of the Pixel Invaderz Metaverse, and especially the game itself:

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