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The beginning of the end of the #monolithic_silo mentality in software development.

I I'm to be so bold as to make a prediction, this is the roadhead into a world where places like Microsoft's #GitHub is merely used as a directory, much like Yahoo, DMOZ, and google, to locate project repos hosted elsewhere by virtue of those projects only being mirrored at silos like Github.


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if you think that's bad, you should follow up on what he did to Hawaii, displacing locals for his walled estate and predatory real estate purchasing campaign.

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#FOSS Breaking News:

At this very moment we're having a #NextCloud Livestream via YouTube.

I've asked the question about the possibility for Matrix as a plugin capability. It has received several +1's from other prominent members in the community but so far they have chosen not to address the question.

#Talk is *just* okay, as it's not the most performant, yet it does provide a good level of security.

More universal, however, is #Matrix, hence, my question to the team.

Yes I know, I encourage everyone to use Invidious to sanitize YouTube VoDs, or choose another platform entirely. This is however, live, so in order to get in and have these questions considered by the team there's really no other option during this premeire (perhaps in the future, they'll multi-stream with #OBS across several platforms like #OwnCast and #PeerTube ;)

#tallship #Vger #privacy #dev
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It is my friend, it is.... at least the largest part of it is.

Woe be to all of those who think they own BTC in their #CashApp, #PayPal, #Coinbase, #Crypto_dot_com, and other so-called #Exchange_based_wallets - ask yourselves this: "Why do you suppose that you have to include a **memo** when you give someone your key (aka: your public key is colloquially referred to as your "Bitcoin address")?

Answer, because you don't actually have a wallet! because you're not your own bank, people. But it is so easy for you to be your own bank.

How many people have actually asked themselves why, that along with your bank account number you also need a routing number? Think about that folks ;) Why, when you have a BTC address, do you also need to give your customer a memo to include in the transaction? It's not completely analogous, but It's #kinda_sorta the same thing lolz.

I highly recommend XLM and shielded ZEC for banking purposes, and further, giving a quick listen to Zooko Wilcox explaining how to actually protect your private assets, and keeping them private:


Now, as people (smart people, informed people, literate people - not ignorant people) begin to affect the mass exodus away from the privacy disrespecting monolithic silos of the secretive, data mining social media monopolies, they should also be looking towards the less volatile, less speculative crypto blockchains (i.e., NOT Bitcoin, which has little to no use case) as a place where their assets are safe from the dystopian lords who insist upon the fealty of their serfs in their structurally feudal empires.

We can all start by encouraging people to pay you in the crypto of your choice, and when ask to send money to someone always responding with, "What's your public key for your favored cryptocurrency?".

Just like anything else (especially in marketing 101), when someone hears this enough they'll actually go out and either setup a hot or offline wallet for themselves or ask someone to show them how - each and every time that happens, you have saved a soul.

Remember folks.... You can haz #Cheezburgerz! 🍔

All the best! :)

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#Dutch parents: "We're not fucking around here bitches!"

Sang to the tune of 6 Billion Euros!

€1500 for each child who was under 13 when they started using the service
€1250 for each child who was 13, 14, or 15 when they started using the service
€1000 for each child who was 16 or 17 when they started using the service.

You would think that after getting an enema for three quarters of a billion euro a couple of months back that they would have #fingered it out, but NOOooo! That Chinese government data mining company apparently has a serious ear #infucktion.

Fuck you #TakToe!


#tallship #Vger #privacy #The_Netherlands #identity_theft #chinese_espionage #child_exploitation #data_harvesting

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#Boom_Shakalaka! 🔨

#Faceplant fall down go boom boom?

Awwww, too bad, so sad - NOT!

The moral of the story? "Don't piss off your #BOFH mofo's! You no can haz #Cheezburgerz! 🍔



#tallship #Vger #InstaSPAM #Whassup #silo #privacy #oopsies!

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Hey @privacytools Henry...

I must be missing something here... ***Why are you advocating for this insecure solution***, when it's patently not ready for primetime?

Perhaps a good idea, but Most of us have given up on it completely - it's not much more than beta software, and they haven't addressed potential exploits brought to their attention over a year ago (Maybe someday - but so far.... nope):


These are **serious flaws / security issues** in software purporting to be safe and they're also advertising it as secure in enterprise production environments.

This just isn't true - it is a #security_risk!

Yes, the romantic connotations of the magic buzzword ***"blockchain"*** are indeed compelling for taking a look at emerging use cases, but, #Henry... you're actually recommending this as a solution right there alongside #NextCloud.

I'd like to see you take a deeper dive - people really respect your take on #privacy and #FOSS advocacy, and in the past you haven't been bashful when it comes to changing your ratings and recommendations on say, so-called "VPN providers" when less than complimentary aspects of their handling of #customer_privacy has come to light.

You could have put #SyncThing up there next to NextCloud, or some other solution that although, may not be as romantic as something touting #blockchain security, is certainly secure - way more secure, and proven to be so.

For someone who literally had the balls to completely de-google himself (from an account you've had since you were ten years old), I know you can do much better, and your not easily bamboozled by crappy software under a pretty facade.

Come on my friend - let's wait until tomorrow before we begin promoting the general use of tomorrow's software.... if it ain't soup yet... ;)

#tallship #Vger #security

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Oh I found this really amusing...

Okay back story. I'm a Longtime L.A. County Underwater Instructor. It's a rather elite organization originally founded by a couple of L.A. County lifeguards back in the 50's.

When I went through the program to be awarded those credentials, elder (so to speak) UICC members would come and give siminars, and one of them when I went through the program was a gentleman by the name of Nick Acorns. He's probably long since passed, but he was high up in a fledgling company at the time called Pelican products (They made plastic diving gear - like flashlights).

Fast forward to today, and Pelican Products are a huge supplier of durable plastic cases for the movie and music industry, law enforcement, and pretty much everyone who wants a watertight and indestructible case for their guns, as well as diving products.

So, I grew up in Torrance, where the company is headquartered, and I just stumbled across this article from Engadget. I litterally could not stop laughing, because I remember a few times that the Torrance or Redondo cops drew their 4 D-Cell Mag-Lites on me as a kid, which any intelligent being knows it is time to shut up and comply with whatever the cops are telling you to do....

Or spend the night in the ER.

That's the lead-in to this funny as fuck story (article) from April 2007 for anyone who has ever been the focus of why a cop drew their aluminum Mag-Lite's from their holster lolz.....

"It's kind of sad when one of the main features being touted by the LAPD about its new flashlights is their inability to provide suspects with a good beating, but after that very public 2004 incident in which a motorist took 11 blows from a heavy 'torch,' we guess the new model's light weight is indeed an important selling point. The 10,000 Pelican 7060's that officers will soon begin carrying -- specifically designed for the department of Rodney King fame -- sport two separate power switches, a no-slip 'grenade grip,' cooling fins on the shaft, and 130 lumen LEDs that are said to be capable of momentarily blinding a non-compliant individual. Sounds like good news for criminals and the falsely-accused, but maybe not so great for that cop in the direct path of a raging meth-head; in those situations, we'd take the cold hard steel aluminum of our four D battery MagLite over a wimpy Pelican any day of the week."

For those who would like to read the complete article, here it is:


#tallship #Vger #flashlight #LAPD #Pelican #funny #humor

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#OpenMediaVault 6.0 was released a few hours ago this afternoon:


Yes, #Bullseye!

Incidentally, #Debian 10.10 was also released today (#Buster).

You can install OMV via the script above on a fresh install of Bullseye or d/l the OMV 6.0 iso and install from a bootable USB stick or DVD.

I've never been a fan of file based mass storage, so I've never really had much interest in #NAS, but it does well for cheap, small home based networks where folks like to keep collections of movies or other data mounted via NFS or #CIFS (#SAMBA) shares, and you can buy little network attached NAS boxes for cheap from your favorite consumer vendors.

#NFS itself is nice, and I make regular use of it, but why bother with an appliance when you can just enable that on a host directly and say, keep your #rsync replicated data or #Duplicity backups and #snapshots there?

Instead, coming from the big machine room environments with raised flooring and surrounded by a wall of glass, I look to the #SAN instead.

Because this is block based instead of file based, you can run a SAN on very little RAM w/o impact, and #OMV fits this bill quite nicely!

I've saved many enterprises over the years hundreds of thousands of dollars simply by rejecting exorbitantly priced Dell's EMC and of course the ever ubiquitous #NetApp appliances (among many others) in favor of deploying OMV in the datacenter with the native #iSCSI SAN plugin.

If you do this, please do not neglect to contribute to Volker - he does this for free and was one of the original dev's for the FreeNAS project. Im glad he decided to bring that expertise to Debian GNU/Linux as the base distro of choice for OpenMediaVault.

Prior to my having adopted OMV when it first launched, I used #OpenFiler.com which is a fantastic product - except for one thing, it's subscription based and nowadays the only non CE (Their terminology for "Commercial Edition", rather than what everyone else dubs, 'community edition') version is a little old and unsupported. It's very much a commercial and non community supported project and so I was very glad when they were making the transition and #Volker announced the very first release of OMV.

Yes, this version is a so-called preview, the 5.x branch had an update a couple of weeks ago.

I can't recommend OpenMediaVault enough, and it's also quite capable of managing things like #Portainer and #Nginx_Proxy_Manager along with all of the daemon's and services you would want to be forward facing services.

#tallship #Vger #FOSS #OpenSource #Open_Source @OpenSource @opensource
You can haz #Cheezburgerz!

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Okay it seems South Korean Crown Prince Andrew Lee is still up to his shenanigans. Now he's directly hijacked the FSF?

Here's the update letter from the FSF on the matter (the initial announcement went out a couple of days ago and now freenode has hijacked FSF assets there):

"Following our announcement of a planned gradual switch from the Freenode IRC network to Libera.Chat, Freenode staff, with no notice, seized control of the #fsf and #gnu channels away from FSF staff and GNU volunteers during the early hours of Sunday morning (EDT). This happened despite members of Freenode staff participating in the community meeting, as well as reassuring us publicly and privately that they would respect and support the resulting review and our decision. These channels were seized without informing the FSF or GNU representatives of any disagreements Freenode staff had with our plan, whether by means of the group contact system or otherwise. Adding to the situation's instability was their switch to a new IRC daemon late last night, also without notice, which dropped all existing nicks and channels from the database.

This has forced us to adjust our plans for the transition, a move that was already necessary due to an abrupt change in Freenode policy that occurred shortly after our announcement, which eliminated the distinction between # and ## channels that we planned to use to pass ownership of the #fsf and #gnu channels over to the wider free software community.

After several additional meetings of the working group FSF and GNU formed to investigate this issue, we announce the following changes:

The #fsf and #gnu channels on the Freenode network are to be considered unofficial and will not be moderated by FSF staff or GNU volunteers.

So as not to mislead users, who might otherwise think that the #fsf and #gnu channels on Freenode are the official channels for our organizations, the irc.gnu.org alias is being retired effective immediately. Instead, it is now pointed at a server of ours that will give notice of our migration to the Libera.Chat network to IRC clients that attempt to connect to it.

In light of these events, we would like to reiterate our call for GNU maintainers to move their channels away from the Freenode network, whether to a self-hosted server, alternate IRC networks such as Hackint or Libera.Chat, or other networks that fit the criteria we devised for our decision. Once again, GNU maintainers who have any concerns about their channels are encouraged to email maintainers@gnu.org with their questions.

In freedom,

Greg Farough
Campaigns Manager"

The web version is here:

So.... it appears to me at least, that freenode should now be considered a highly volitile and hostile network that should be avoided at all costs.

What are you thoughts on the matter, in light of the the preceding announcement update above by the FSF?

#tallship #Vger #freenode #andrew_lee #hijackers


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Two gin-scented tears trickled down the sides of his nose. But it was all right, everything was all right, the struggle was finished. He had won the victory over himself. He loved Big Brother.


#tallship #Vger #dystopia #subjugation #privacy

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He was in the public dock, confessing everything, implicating everybody. He was walking down the white-tiled corridor, with the feeling of walking in sunlight, and an armed guard at his back. The longhoped-for bullet was entering his brain.


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Coming up on my second anniversary with Gemini soon. Vger's come a long way from an experimental space to full community services and I rarely even bother to scan the ML very often, except to catch up on the introduction of new innovations, of which there are more and more each week!

I don't think that we need to do anything further to, "...make #gemini attractive to the average person." Considering most of it's growth and adoption have occurred organically, simple plugs here and there or links (gemini://lin.ks) to content w/o explanation are pretty much all any advocates, such as ourselves should really need in order to whet the appetite of folks - "uh.... what's that? It's a link. What is Gemini? I'mma google that and see what all this excitement is all about".

Curiosity, IMO, has done more for folks to embrace this young technology and protocol than any amount of ground pounding or pontification could achieve, I think, but there are some considerations that we can lean upon as ambassadors of good will for Gemini that might be counterintuitive for many of us:

1.) I like #Elpher, and no, I'm a Vim person, but it's my goto Gemini (and Gopher) browser, because it handles gopher:// and gemini:// equally well, especially with respect to dumping raw page text and refreshes, it's just easy from an analysts point of view. But this is beyond what one can reasonably expect for the target audience to have their interest piqued where Gemini is concerned.

Many folks in the actual community prefer cli clients or slightly more souped up solutions like #Bombadillo that frankly, would leave, as you put it, "...the average person" disinterested. On my part, that includes Elpher (Yeah, "the average person" is a #wYNd0z3 user - try getting them to install #Emacs on a win10 machine and then explain Melpa to them.... you'll get that fisheye glaze every time).

So clients like #LaGrange (https://github.com/skyjake/lagrange/releases/v1.4.2) are exceedingly important to the sphere of adoption in Gemini space - the "average user" has been almost continually, categorically dismissed IMO, as someone that this new protocol is for, but it's not, when you look at most of the client software available that many of us use - yet it is actually specifically for them in more ways than it is for us that have been running Gemini servers since the very beginning - a chance for them to take a break from the overwhelmingly frustrating anxiousness they are entreated to when participating in the world of silo's - i.e., Faceplant, InstaSPAM, Twatter, etc.

Lagrange, and a couple of others, affords these average users the ability to just click, download, doubleclick, then click next/next/next, and Voila, a beautiful experience in their familiar browser-esque experience is presented.

2.) Having been a longtime member of the Gopher world, runnning gopher services almost continually since one of the few places you could find it was in a public library replacing physical card catalogs, a lot of my colleagues there express openly, some not unjustified level of enmity towards Gemini, and although this is understandably so, I feel it is unwarranted and due mostly to misconceptions, or perhaps even because no one has ever really reached out to the Gopher community with actual invitations or suggestions from that elder and more mature community of us.

Indeed, many of us, and initially most of us, actually did rally around what was for me at least, a more contemporary (and dare I say familiar?) syntax for authoring content and inserting links in pages, delving into the project at an early stage. Some I think, are a bit wary that regardless of #Solderpunk's declaration that Gemini, "...will not replace either", is arguably an ominous caveat that it may actually erode some of the relevance that at least Gopher has enjoyed during its resurgence in popularity during the last decade.

Not just that, but also that Gemini exited the gate with the specification that it would use TLS by default - something that we in the #Gopher community had bantered about over the years with proposals followed by repeated tabling of such initiatives. Yet now, #TLS is well supported (depending upon your server daemon of choice) by Gopher as too, seamlessly, transparently for those who choose to implement it, and also depending upon your choice of client as a user.

Outreach to the Gopher community, and embracing this lineage that Gemini has with Gopher, is important, and while on the surface it may not appear as if this is essential to adoption of Gemini by "the average user", I believe it is, because the "average user should be aware that with many clients such as #Lagrange and Elpher, among others, they essentially share the same similar support in the name space as relevant and viable services which "the average user" can visit - perhaps not even aware that clicking on a couple of links has brought them from Gopher space to Gemini space and back again.

I'll leave that point to be pondered, and move along...

3.) We can make Gemini attractive to "#the_average_user" by encouraging the developers of Gopher clients to include support for Gemini in their most excellent and existing products. Gopher clients like:

* #Dooble: https://github.com/textbrowser/dooble/releases/tag/2021.02.20 - a native Gopher enabled browser which is also a good HTML browser in its own right.

* #Gopher_Browser_for_Windows: http://www.mattowen.co.uk/gopher/gopher-client-browser-for-windows

* #Simple_Gopher_Client: Available in the Windows Store

* #Pocket_Gopher (Android): Available at F-Droid (https://f-droid.org/en/packages/com.gmail.afonsotrepa.pocketgopher/) and similarly, encouraging support for Gopher in Android Gemini clients such as #Ariane (https://f-droid.org/en/packages/oppen.gemini.ariane/)

And several other great Gopher clients.

4.) We can make Gemini attractive to "the average user" by encouraging *some* authors of #Gemini clients to include support for inline images - this will prove to be, without a doubt, a **dealbreaker** for many folks - these "average users" want, and indeed *expect* to see at least simple .jpg and .png pics while surfing, without requiring the use and understanding of how to launch external apps that, of course, are better suited to handle such tasks. Launching a .pdf viewer is one thing, but they really expect to be able to see inline images (and nothing in the spec even discourages that with respect to Gemini clients).

5.) Now this is controversial, and I do understand it is my own contention, one which I've advocated for on the Gopher list for well over a decade now, but...

Block HTML to Gemini proxy services (even though robots.txt is clearly defined in the spec, I'm not aware of ANY proxy services that respect it - I've checked) - if you want people to populate a space, make them participate in that space, instead of looking into the fishbowl from the convenience of Google Chrome! nuff said there - you make up your own mind how you feel about allowing a proxy, but I block them, categorically. You want Gopher and Gemini content and software that can only be found on my servers, then you need to use an actual client that can natively surf that portion of the name space.

To further incentivize the adoption of clients that natively access Gemini name space, make sure to publish unique content - duplicating what one has already published, or will soon publish on some arbitrary #WordPress site defeats the purpose of even expecting that "the average user" should do anything different than they already are.

7.) Nothing.... nothing at all. Don't do anything else, except talk about how kewl
it is for you and your friends and colleagues; just letting the curiosity of those who keep hearing how totally bitchen Gemini is do all the work until they say, "man, I gotta check this foshizzles out coz everybody's doin' it."

That's how #Myspace did it, that's now #Faceplant did it, that's how #SnapTrap and #TicTac did it, and that's how #InstaSPAM did it - It's the, "All my friends are there" factor of gaining #critical_mass.

8.) Use Gemini yourself - the proverbial, plural youze :)

9.) This one's a bit controversial too: [Continue to] Post links (without explanation) to content you've published in Gemini space on popular social media platforms in the privacy disrespecting, closed source, monolithic silos where the multitudes of captive users are currently engaged in the self-deprecating acts of the abdication of their freedoms.

10.) Disregarding the relevance of registering #port_1965 with #IANA or seeking fame by authoring an #RFC (and most certainly, at least for the next year or two) - those are almost completely irrelevant issues in this day and age when critical mass is everything, and mere folly for the sake of one's own vanity (at least, for the current time being). I left that as the last point because it encourages not the act of doing something to further the aims of the mass adoption of Gemini as a relevant and utilized computing platform, but rather, NOT doing something to avoid the disruption of what can only be stated as the unexpected and overwhelming embrace by a growing community of early adopters.

And already, that's how Gemini is achieving that already enjoyed level of rapid adoption :)

Yeah, just let nature takes its course, so to speak.

I hope that helps!


#tallship #Vger #1965 #fdroid
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#Wake_the_fuck_up people!!!

All hail the great #Faceplant :P

I would love to hear what happens to anyone who dares to repost those graphics to their Faceplant or #InstaSPAM pages Muahahaha!

If you do, let us know, m'kay?


There's plenty of viable de-centralized social and communications platforms (secure too) that shield you from such instrusive raping of your most private secrets, and even what you publicly expound.

#Epicyon, #Pleroma, #Friendica, #Lemmy, #Misskey, #Diaspora, #movim, #matrix, #XMPP, #GNU_Social #Writefreely #jujeune #planetary (#scuttlebutt), and even using your own email services in defiance of what the great Spamming Google gmail engine virtually demands that you not do; are all very viable and privacy respecting opportunities to meet and make new friends, acquaintances, and forge business relationships with others who you'll know are already concerned with privacy respecting communications technologies.

I'll just let that, and the previous advertisements that exposed the private information about people using InstaSPAM and Faceplant users speak for itself.

Kudo's to #Moxie_Marlinspike - You go girl :)

#tallship #Vger #privacy #security #tracking #you_are_the_product

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