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Watching the Michael Jackson documentary. I feel split. On one hand, I support victims speaking up. On the other, he was tried and acquitted; and he isn't alive to defend himself. I can't help the feeling this is just monetising a one-sided view of a controversial person.

“Between gods and animals: becoming human in the Gilgamesh epic” -

This one hit home: "The Religion of Workism Is Making Americans Miserable" -

"An English man, an Irish man and a Scotsman go to a bar.
The English man wanted to leave.
So they all had to leave."

For some reason, if I follow a hashtag the Mastodon UI does not auto-refresh that tab. IIRC this used to work.

This recent news about a CEO taking to his grave the passwords to unlock the wallets containing customers' crypto coins sounds to me like a big scam.

Conferences like encourage me to get out of my comfortable zone and ditch some more proprietary software.

Watching lectures on Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation and getting my mind blown...

Last minute cancellation of my trip to :(
I have to stay home and take care of family health issues.

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