Lenovo published bios update for the T480 to allow disabling/enabling hyperthreading in BIOS. I guess they did the same for others models.

If you run #openbsd with hw.smt=0 (if you don't know what it is, you do), disabling hyperthreading in bios will improve performance by something like 25%

(HT cores runs at 80% of their speed with 2 threads, disabling it, you get your cores running at 100% so it's a 25% improvement).

boost welcome

@starbreaker I definitely notice how most tech employees don't see themselves as needing the protections awarded by negotiating as a class.

The "we can understand and solve problems better than anyone" attitude is prevalent. Hubris.

I found that one-on-one it's easy to break this illusion. My go-to topic is individual IP protection.

@hypolite @starbreaker I signed up, but didn't use it at all... I don't know if it's the lack of network effect or it just doesn't solve a real problem for me.

It's interesting to see middle management reacting negatively to workers being interested in labor unions. They're employees as much as the people they manage. Where is the invisible line they crossed?

Well, if you're a criminal and need to bypass face recognition cam based security, don't worry, 3 IR LEDs get you there securely.
If you wanna pass as someone else, you might have a much as 70% chance to pull even that off.

Good to know if I decide to switch career paths from software to criminal ;)


German word of the day:
The men in this video enjoying the feeling of increased Selbstwirksamkeitswahrnehmung.

Considering switching to Wingo - any reviews, recommendations or concerns out there?

Finished watching "When They See Us".
Anyone with an ounce of empathy should get kicked in the feels constantly by these boys' story. An extra ounce of decency should make everyone revolt against the injustice done.

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