feeling like maybe I should never install a firefox higher than version 99 just on general principles. what the heck are we doing that it takes a hundred major versions to try to get a web browser right? netscape never made it out of single digit version numbers and it was plenty good enough.


@djsundog continued improvement vs this final release is perfect? IDK just taking a stab at it. Besides that Netscape played on a smaller field while Firefox has to account for a rapidly changing world of web standards and the evil JavaScript monster. I guess I'm just saying Firefox is busy evolving or they will die.

Some of it's also Mozilla (and many other orgs) picking up the nonsensical Chrome model of "major version bump every 6 weeks whether there's breaking changes or not". On the one hand I get that it makes most users question versions less, but it's awful for trying to figure out if there's actual major changes or if there's just bug fixes (and most of the stuff behind the scenes use something akin to semver for the devs).


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