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The US is #1 in the world in coronavirus deaths since April 2020.

Chart generated from WHO data (day 288) here:

@im No one on FB wants to hear your actual male feelings

@cs As someone who recently switched jobs and now works in Windows, I feel your pain. The file system is terrible. I soothe myself by using Linux at home.


@every All parents should lament when their children will incur a steeper price than those previous generations.

@cosullivan That’s a frightening story. I’m glad that you educated yourself enough to realize they had made a hasty recommendation.

I have far too many Field Notes journals. More blank pages than filled ones. There may be some existential significance to that.


What little hope I had left in US democracy has now eroded away. I have absolutely no faith left in our future. My children will be paying the price their entire lives.

@cosullivan Sorry to hear it! I’m just having a good whinge, my panel showed an upward trend in my lipid count since last time. Your experience sounds like it’s actually worth complaining about

Mixed reviews from routine blood screen. Sigh, guess I’ll have those egg whites next time, and no more butter... or bacon... or happiness.

I understand now why my parents worried more as I got older.

Spouse has a wallpaper of dead leaves on their laptop. Too soon 😔

Slippers. Yes, slippers. 

@tomasino Still got those toe slippers?

Give it to me in freedom units only, please. 😂

@vantablack That hits home. Gatekeeping sucks. I’ve done it (with music, too) and I’m not proud; claiming exclusivity over something would make me feel a kind of power. It’s a hell of a drug.

@tomasino If you happen upon any extra beta invites for Cyph, I’d certainly give it a try

@jdarnold I feel you. Hope your weekend is restful. Enjoy those new games!

What is the translation of "Lebensraum" to Simplified Chinese?

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