I just deleted my personal Twitter and Facebook accounts, both of which I used for over 10 years.

Each has reached its inevitable conclusion in its own way.

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@strixy Good on you! I am contemplating the same, but it will be painful. I am thinking of weaning my friends and family, at least a few, off of FB.
Same old story, when you have so many people, from RL who you care about on a social network, and that is their prefered ( and in many cases - only ) method of communication, you gotta box clever.

@mikeao Thanks. At the end of the day, it's up to us to define our own personal relationships. We are more than a graph.

@strixy A cigar for you! Congratulations! (interestingly, I just realized I say the same thing when someone files for divorce)

@xmanmonk Thank you! Not trying to be melodramatic, but it feels like a mini-divorce. Something has been severed and the loss is felt; even if it was more akin to a merciful amputation of a gangrenous limb, the latent FOMO persists 😂

@strixy You're right, though, about it feeling like a divorce, which I figured you might be feeling, so that's why I mentioned that :)

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