On a cyberpunk fiction spree. Snow Crash was OK. Loved Neuromancer. About to start Ready Player One.

Anything else I should look at? I don't know much about the genre other than the usual big names.

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- Mindplayers, by Pat cadigan.
- Hardwired, by Walter Jon Williams
- The Eclipse Trilogy, by John Shirley

Also, although not strictly cyberpunk, check Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom by Cory Doctorow.

@strixy I suggest reading some of the other primary cyberpunk authors. Most important (in my opinion) is "City Come A-Walkin'" by John Shirley. After that, maybe "Islands In The Net" by Bruce Sterling and/or "Synners" by Pat Cadigan.

I've read a fair bit of cyberpunk fiction. If there's something in particular you're looking for I might be able to help.

@cev Thank you for the suggestions! I will definitely pursue the Shirley book. @failtime also suggested the rest of the Sprawl trilogy (TIL there's a trilogy, haha)

@strixy Shoot me an email at james at I'll shoot you back a PDF. 'cuz I'm nice that way :)

@strixy not sure how much it applies but i liked Digital Fortress by dan brown. Easy read.

@slacka I'm sure genre purists would scoff at the books I mentioned as well. Thanks, I will check that out 😂

@strixy no those are classics afaik. William Gibson is a god pretty much last i checked

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