Mixed reviews from routine blood screen. Sigh, guess I’ll have those egg whites next time, and no more butter... or bacon... or happiness.

@strixy i have an opinion but insufficient personal acquaintance and knowledge of your blood panel to share it without solicitation. My opinion is steeped in experience of one outlier marker for heart disease and my doctor's outdated and harmful recommendation.


@cosullivan Sorry to hear it! I’m just having a good whinge, my panel showed an upward trend in my lipid count since last time. Your experience sounds like it’s actually worth complaining about

@strixy It may sound that way but it wasn't. I wrote her a three-page letter about hypercholesterolemia with eight med. journal citations for her reference, and factors i shared with her that she didn't take into account about my LDL cholesterol when she recommended an unsafe pharmaceutical

@cosullivan That’s a frightening story. I’m glad that you educated yourself enough to realize they had made a hasty recommendation.

@strixy One of several things I appreciated about US healthcare is the attitude that the patient is welcome to do her own research and be a partner in decision-making.
I also like that 80 minutes on hold doesn't exist for medical clinics down there, like it does up here.

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