What is the translation of "Lebensraum" to Simplified Chinese?

It feels weird to use a calendar that Google *doesn't* see.

There is nothing on my mind but fear. Today feels like the start of a very dark timeline.

I set up a pi-hole on my home network, and it drastically improved online quality of life. Everything is faster when ad DNS resolves to /dev/null

Anyone know if pinebook will run OpenBSD?

@tomasino You may want to reconsider your move to Iceland given the hostile political climate around Hawaiian pizza.

There is a happy hour today so that we devs can meet everyone in sales.

Yeah I'm just going home

I restored my tiny gopherhole. It is located at gopher://gopher.club/1/users/s

Noting here mostly so that I can remember myself 🤣

Update: Nuking my home folder helped. Just have to restore some of the stuff I backed up.

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I failed at the most basic task: running the command to serve my webpage from the MetaArray. Permissions and/or DNS seems to be in a bad state. SSL is also not working.

HTTP: strixy.sdf.org/
HTTPS: strixy.sdf.org/

Natural deodorant is just the best. The glorious smell of bitumen and sulfur in the morning. Ahh.

My local public transit agency has some experimental support for protobuf with GTFS.

However, the implementation seems buggy (hence "experimental"), and so my motivation to figure out how to hack with protobuf is rapidly waning.

Prepping my pitch for unsuspecting trick-or-treaters. Here's the deal: have a candy bar. Watch this 30-second video and get a second, free! Oh and tell your parent/guardian to help themselves to the cauldron of hot cider.

My significant other goes straight ticket R every election. I consider myself moderate but it's getting seriously infuriating. Too much brainwashing and fearmongering. When we can't even agree on basic facts for a civil discussion, what hope is there for our children's generation? We've already lost when we spend all our resources trying to stem the tide of ignorance and corruption. Bullshit really does take 10x more energy to combat than it does to produce.

New fence for doggo installed. He immediately discovered a zero-day exploit and escaped. We recaptured him.

Hi @SDF, I've emailed several times about my MetaARPA dues. They have been paid for over a week, but I have yet to receive confirmation and continue to receive past-due emails. My account has not been updated to reflect the renewal. Please look into this. Thank you.

Just discovered protocol buffers. Rabbit hoooolllle...

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