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The US is #1 in the world in coronavirus deaths since April 2020.

Chart generated from WHO data (day 288) here:

I have far too many Field Notes journals. More blank pages than filled ones. There may be some existential significance to that.


What little hope I had left in US democracy has now eroded away. I have absolutely no faith left in our future. My children will be paying the price their entire lives.

Mixed reviews from routine blood screen. Sigh, guess I’ll have those egg whites next time, and no more butter... or bacon... or happiness.

I understand now why my parents worried more as I got older.

Spouse has a wallpaper of dead leaves on their laptop. Too soon 😔

Give it to me in freedom units only, please. 😂

What is the translation of "Lebensraum" to Simplified Chinese?

It feels weird to use a calendar that Google *doesn't* see.

There is nothing on my mind but fear. Today feels like the start of a very dark timeline.

I set up a pi-hole on my home network, and it drastically improved online quality of life. Everything is faster when ad DNS resolves to /dev/null

@tomasino You may want to reconsider your move to Iceland given the hostile political climate around Hawaiian pizza.

There is a happy hour today so that we devs can meet everyone in sales.

Yeah I'm just going home

I restored my tiny gopherhole. It is located at gopher://

Noting here mostly so that I can remember myself 🤣

Update: Nuking my home folder helped. Just have to restore some of the stuff I backed up.

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I failed at the most basic task: running the command to serve my webpage from the MetaArray. Permissions and/or DNS seems to be in a bad state. SSL is also not working.


Natural deodorant is just the best. The glorious smell of bitumen and sulfur in the morning. Ahh.

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