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Finally copying that home directory over to the Fedora desktop. Once that's done, a reinstall of OpenBSD is in order, though I may have to make a CD to boot, chroot, and get the package list beforehand.

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Final Fantasy VII can be read as an allegory of global environmental devastation caused by fossil fuel extraction and the suffering that will befall humanity if those who profit from harming the planet are not stopped.

Holy shit. This wee bairn on the bus just pointed at a nativity scene and shouted "That's scary! Monster! Monster!"

The weans are awright

remember to lie to an authority figure today

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@starbreaker Only time in years, but now I am using a dumb bluetooth keyboard.
#OpenBSD's lack of Bluetooth support has finally started to be a painpoint, and that sucks

@starbreaker That seems to be what I am leaning toward.

Besides, I could always rewrite it in another language on the side, as a learning process, since I will already have the logic in my head / in tested code.

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