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For some reason I got to reading about the macro language while taking a dump, and now I'm wondering just how hard it is to create a website with modern white-hat SEO metadata using plain , m4(1), and make(1) on .

i wonder if SEO fucks realize that signing up for Mastodon and Pleroma accounts to backlink from is a colossal waste of time since we make everything rel=nofollow?

"So, you're writing about the shart of technology?" - my missus, on #snmpmastery :flan_XD:

Now that I think of it, John Carpenter's 1988 film is probably the most educational movie I ever saw as a kid. I just wasn't ready to accept it as anything but a badass action movie at the time.

I get why I block people who bug me, even if they may have a point.

Am I wrong? Could be.

Does it matter? Not really.

Don’t argue. People won’t change their mind anyway.

People who want change don’t argue. They shape reality into what they want it to be.

If you really want influence, talk and act accordingly.

Stop being afraid of people. People who aren’t your friends will push you around no matter how nice you are to them.

Don’t have an ego. Forget your ego. There is only your goal.

all I want for Xmas, violence 

Haha, mentioning Eternal September earlier today led me to discover #sdate, the unix-style program to output the current date based on the idea that September, 1993 still hasn't ended.

In case anyone is wondering, today is the 9,565th

Look: I'm not going to play favourites. If you're looking for people to follow, just go through the list of people I follow. They've all got interesting shit to say.

@changeling Please add me to Accessibility, Anarchists, Atheist, Blogging, BSD, Cyberpunk, Emacs, Everyday Life, Fantasy, Free Culture, Free Software, Gopher, Information Technology, Metal, Programming, RPG, Science Fiction, Socialists, Static Site Generators, Sysadmins, Video Games, Writing.


everyone be careful out there, make sure to do any political organizing in person/at least via signal. the fediverse is a great place to meet here but everything is essentially public.

good opsec to all and to all a good /#fff

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