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My favourite adaptation of "The Colour Out of Space" is probably Die Farbe; however, this serialised collaboration between Illustrator Andreas Hartung and The Dunwich Orchestra is greatly pleasing so far:

#Lovecraft #mythos #YogSothothery #drone #experimental #illustration

The carpet crawlers heed their callers.
"We've got to get in to get out..."

When somebody calls me a , I recognize them for the they are and break out Cluebringer.

The Rapture has already happened, and everybody got left behind.

Just got my download codes for . Unfortunately, I've moved since putting down my $60. Hopefully the will come through and get my physical copy to where I am now. But if not, no big deal.

psychology, violence 

Is a pooh bear, or a pedobear? Only Christopher Robin knows for sure...

If you're going to use the fonts on , don't forget to run the following commands:

doas mkfontscale /usr/local/share/fonts/spleen/
doas mkfontdir /usr/local/share/fonts/spleen/

If you forget, and try to use spleen with apps that don't do , you're gonna have a bad time.

lynx -source -nolist | grep m3u

Or you use lynx against and download the m3u file :D

I'm installing for an acquaintance from work so their kid can have an old laptop to hack on that doesn't run games.

Of course, I didn't tell the lady that in addition to the set in base, there are lots of packages their kid can install to .

I'm just evil that way. 😈

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