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Upgrading the ol' #ThinkPad x230 after about a week with a new snapshot. #OpenBSD #sysupgrade 🐡 :thinkhappy:

google, police violence against black people 

suicide advocacy 

You're not a real until you've sucked a dick and swallowed.

uspol, internet 

atheism, maltheism, edgelordism 

It's time again. Feel free to boost.

I'm a who codes for a living and writes .

When my heroes aren't fighting demons from outer space or coping with existential terror in the soft lack underbelly of a false utopia, they're putting dirty politicians and exploitative corporate execs up against the wall and reading them the riot act at swordpoint as knights in Satanic service.

There's more at

Fashion, Consumption, Midlife (~) 

If , its partly because they were raised that way.

If you want better men, raise better boys.

Men, teach your children to be better men than you were taught to be.

Women, teach your sons to be better men than the ones you settled for.

Food, MH (+) 

@bcallah Tried the AmigaPorts version of devilutionx, it works pretty fine, even the sound works! I hope it will be merged pretty soon ^^

Introduced to this band during a rather pleasant weekend.

EUZEN, "Judged By":

#goth #ProgRock

good night to AMD Opteron hosts ‘miku’ (formerly ‘bjork’) and ‘faeroes’ (formerly ‘otaku’) thank you for 9 years of reliable service. these will go to RE:PC in Seattle (minus disks). @netbsd

FFXIV, Shadowbringers, plot 

I first heard about when I was a kid growing up in the 80s, but never had a chance to read it. Now that I've been reading it on Comixology Unlimited, it's a fucking trip. I think some of you might also like it.

I have very few unbreakable rules for being a “real” sysadmin. One is: real sysadmins can use vi. Vi and ed are the two editors you can be confident of finding on any Unix. “Can’t use vi” means “not a real sysadmin.” “No ed” means “not a real Unix.” - #sudomastery

Any technical difficulties you might have had while trying to access my website at should be resolved now.

It was my fault; I had a http => https redirect set up that wasn't compatible with Cloudflare's configuration, and it caused a redirect loop.

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