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I was hoping to spend the day setting up httpd and gopher on a new VPS, but it looks like I'm stuck running bullshit errands instead. Dammit.

Hi! 👋
My name is Marga and I’m new on, just moved here from, so it’s time for an #introduction. I’m interested in:

#solarpunk (don’t know a lot about it yet)
#humans (but only if they’re nice)

Not necessarily in that order, and it’s probably also not a complete list.

Thanks to the people for hosting my new account!☀️🏡

@starbreaker @klomb @hackerfriendly I’ve gotta agree. I use Safari mostly, and Firefox when I need something different. Chrome is way down my list.

nationalize WeWork and integrate them into the Public Library system, and upgrade all Public Libraries to have WeWork's amenities

I made a post of collected ideas, constructive and escapist, for what to do when one expects to be snowed in for close to a week. Ideas for are on my :


I signed up to awesome service by @romanzolotarev
. but who is @romanzolotarev .. some say he is a #BSD guy.. I think he is like plato... not a person. but an academy of many #BSD schollars sharing knowledge (justification huge output for only 1 person) Thanks Roman for all your work , tweets and publications on OpenBSD

As someone who used Arch Linux for years, it would pain me to say how much I've enjoyed using Pop_OS on my OryxPro for the last six months (or so) if it's wasn't just such a pleasure to use. I don't see myself changing distros on this (my main) laptop anytime soon.

"Because rigid radicalism induces a sense of duty and obligation everywhere, there is a constant sense that one is never doing enough....

What depletes us is not just long hours but the tendencies of shame, anxiety, mistrust, competition, and perfectionism.

It is the way in which these tendencies stifle the capacity for collective creativity and change." #uspol #radicalism #socialism

>> Instead of freaking out about how ‘small’ Gumroad actually is (like I thought they would), our creators have grown more loyal. It feels like we’re all in this together, trying to do earn a living doing what we love.

Soon, we will also open-source the whole product, WordPress-style. Anyone will be able to deploy their own version of Gumroad, make the changes they want, and sell the content they want, without us being the middle-man. <<

let’s befriend all the maintenance people who seem capable of singlehandedly taking down giant banks by kicking a power strip out of a wall or burning a piece of toast


Your boss makes money by not paying you for the full value of your labour.

Pass it on...

Why arguments against a 70% marginal tax rate for income over $10 million is absurd (look at all that money they'd STILL have):

Anand Giridharadas: "Davos should End."

AOC: "Every billionaire is a policy failure."

Howard Schultz: "Please don't eat me. I'm not a billionaire, I'm just a person of means!"

Good to see the world figuring neofeudal capitalism out before the hellscape future of Neofeud is fully realized.

it’s too hard to find a D&D time that works with everyone’s jobs, so i have decided to end capitalism


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