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Are you asking about a MSI MS-16GD laptop? Sorry to be a pain, but the manufacturer is as important as the model. :)

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Hi, Janna. Have you looked at <ifixit.com/> to see if they have a tutorial for your particular laptop?

Also, if you had mentiond the make and model I could have searched for a tutorial instead of giving generic directions. :)

@Elizafox Until a better alternative to driving everywhere is available, I don't want your steering wheel.

Right now I just want to shit on Lee Iacocca's grave.

For more info about the social event tonite, pls go to


Presented by USENIX (usenix.org) and the SDF Public Access UNIX System (sdf.org)



No, I hate cars. I /also/ hate bad drivers, the improper substitution of public transit with private transportation, and shitty zoning policies.

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Reminds me of House, MD:

"Everybody lies."

"Symptoms never lie."

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Nice! The combined total of smaller donations from the #OpenBSD community reached Platinum! The first Platinum this year. I think the support from individuals is almost unrivalled anywhere else, and that's just awesome to see. :flan_aww:


My novel BOOKS & BONE is currently 50% off on Smashwords for the whole of July, so you can get it for <$2!

It would be really cool if you had a look. ^_^

A crypt librarian, an excitable historian, and a bumbling zombie get into all sorts of trouble in a small town of necromancers.


(more buy links here: victoriacorva.xyz/books/)

#fantasy #books

@emsenn I don't have much use for religion, but as long as people don't try to legislate it I don't have a problem with it.

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gab, defederation 

Has anyone created a bot that just watches for nazi posts and responds to all of them with the gif of that one nazi getting punched in the face or images of Captain America/other heroes beating up nazis?

I mean, I don't see why we couldn't automate that...

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