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@pounce I think these people are trying to imply that they're being silenced just for being themselves.

But it comes across like this:

I don't just do and shitposts. Sometimes I write , too, and put it on my website under a license.

For example, there's "Thirteen Cuts", where a young man who participated in a judicial murder takes his first steps toward atonement.


There's also "Limited Liability", wherein an ambitious businessman gets an introductory lesson in the meaning of terror.


We will not be free, nor shall the earth be healed, until we have rejected and eradicated the threefold tyranny of church, state, and capital.

All are dragons, and I'm not talking about the often benevolent dragons of Asian myth. I'm talking about the cruel and rapacious dragons of European legend.

hoard stolen wealth and spread terror and desolation. And it will take more than an intrepid band of adventurers to bring them down.

A pretty good article on what a billionaire really is: someone who runs a very important tollbooth.


It should be totally impossible to buy off politicians as if they're property.
Also when corporate profits go up, average people become poorer, less healthy, less free, and less happy. Am I #TooFarLeft?

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RANT! (not serious) 

@veer66 Hi. You're close, but not quite there because you've using "are" for a single object (the cup of coffee).

Likewise, "there is three dates" wouldn't work because "is" is the singular form of "are".

Either of these would work, though.

- "There is a cup of coffee and three dates."
- "There are three dates and a cup of coffee."

However, when using the "singular they" to refer to a person, you would still use "are" rather than "is".

@DaveHiggins You'll want to check power requirements and probably apply fresh thermal paste.

@starbreaker obviously you need guidelines, but every other comment from these instance owners is...that post is against our coc. For every tiny infraction on every other post. I find it comical folks can be so petty. Loosen up, have fun, enjoy the times we all share together. ✌️

@GLove I see your point, but running an instance other people use can't be easy.

I can't blame instance admins for being zealous or for explaining their actions in public. It beats the shit out of those other sites where you can get banned just because.

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@wolfie It's OK if you're happy with it. I'm probably just paranoid as well as cynical.


@wolfie @stolas I'm sure they can find something, but you're right. As long as you can resist peer pressure you're free to not use it. :)

@wolfie @stolas I've read that report, too. I don't believe it. But maybe I'm just cynical.

@wolfie @stolas They're probably selling user data, or will once the VC money dries up.

@GLove If you ran a public instance with open registration, wouldn't you impose certain rules?

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