"Another fine day in the military-industrial complex!"

--Marcus, /Borderlands 3/

@hypolite Well, this time it was technical difficulties rather than a lack of anything to say. :)

@solene Purrseus is a big cat (16lbs, mostly muscle), and the claws on his hind paws must have damaged a circuit.

@olivialuxx I've been using Keepass XC since it's free, provides local storage, and works on Linux and OpenBSD as well as Windows and OSX.


Anybody miss me? I had tried to replace the wifi device in my ThinkPad T60, but my cat had jumped into and out the open case and gouged a chunk out of the mainboard with the claws on his hind feet (cat claws only retract on forepaws, not hind paws).

Fortunately I had prepped a full backup before opening up the machine. So I got my hands on another refurbished T430s (since I had given my other one to my wife) and installed .

was OK, but it's nice to be back on a .

@vanhaase Had a look and left you a Kofi. There's some excellent stuff on your website, but I don't think this is quite the style I had in mind. Thanks for replying, though. If you don't mind I'll follow you so I don't forget you and can recommend you to others.

@starbreaker hi! i focus on sorta semi-realistic character art and although I haven't done much logo design I come from a design point of origin so I do have some experience there.
Here's my website and a couple of logo designs i did for my own projects

Programming: sure it pays great, but it's so shitty I'd rather place orders for endodontics supplies than code professionally ever again

Concerning the logo: I'm looking for something 80s-inspired, like the bold, angular logos used by IRON MAIDEN and JUDAS PRIEST. It needs to include not only the name of the project (Starbreaker) but the names of the names of the co-authors (myself and Catherine Gatt) in smaller type. I'm not looking for a black metal band logo. :)

I'm looking for artists for the following:

* A transparent-background SVG heavy metal logo for my Starbreaker science fantasy project

* An artwork incorporating the logo mentioned above depicting protagonists from the Starbreaker saga. It doesn't have to be photorealistic, but it does need to be high-res for use in book covers, posters, etc.

If interested, please reply with links to portfolios and rates.

@Curator, I'd appreciate a boost.

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