Just submitted a pull request to on their "tools" project. I was able to install their tools on using instructions I added to my copy of the README file.


Time to upgrade to 6.6.

I want my...
I want my...
I want my BSD!

Somebody was asking me about what I use for my desktop, but deleted their toot before I could answer.

Maybe they found the answer on their own, but if not, my colors come from <nordtheme.com/docs/colors-and->.

My GTK theme is <gnome-look.org/p/1318133/>.

Here's yet another screenshot. Just weaning myself off . Maybe next year you'll see me alternating between a tty running and a tty using for everything else. LOL

I've tried using with Mastodon. While it works (and that means I need to submit my port to ports@), I obviously am not sufficiently comfortable with or to main bitlbee-mastodon. However, works nicely in (but insists on using vi instead of $EDITOR) so I can still chuck . :)

Here's a screenshot of my outline for /Never the Heroes/ open in Emacs in two panes showing two different parts of the file.

If you're running on , can you please tell me how, and possibly share a config? I've been RTFM'ing, but TFM seems Linux-specific. :)

I've put together a half-assed port for bitlbee-mastodon. Now I just need to get bitlbee running so I can test the damn thing. :)


OK, having inactive windows fade into the background by setting the root window's color to the same value as the window's background color seemed like a good idea, but isn't really.

I still like the illusion of borderlessness I get for inactive windows by setting border color = window background color, though.

Time to again. I've got running on kether, a refurbished Lenovo ThinkCentre. I'm still using and running text-mode apps in , but I'm taking advantage of cwm's autogroup and xterm's -class, -title, -geometry arguments to set up my desktop while .xsession executes. Since I've got a 2560x1400 display on kether, I don't need to limit myself to one app per group; I can group apps together. If I want to focus on a task, I can maximize or full-screen its window.

I know people like to compare to and say that the former doesn't perform "as well" as the latter, but I use a different metric.

outperforms , and that's all that matters to me. 😺

If you're going to use the fonts on , don't forget to run the following commands:

doas mkfontscale /usr/local/share/fonts/spleen/
doas mkfontdir /usr/local/share/fonts/spleen/

If you forget, and try to use spleen with apps that don't do , you're gonna have a bad time.

I'm installing for an acquaintance from work so their kid can have an old laptop to hack on that doesn't run games.

Of course, I didn't tell the lady that in addition to the set in base, there are lots of packages their kid can install to .

I'm just evil that way. 😈

users who like streams might want to check out the curseradio package. It's implemented with Python so has a bunch of dependencies, but you can select favorites and have them saved as an OPML file -- which you can then hack to add additional stations not listed by default if you can find them on tunein.com.

Granted, if you have a favorite stream that provides a plain HTTP URL you could listen using mpg123, but not all stations are as reasonable as in Philly.

Sooner or later somebody is bound to ask me why I bother with when comes with , (a tiny Emacs clone), and @ed1conf.

All I can say is, "Muh heavy metal umlauts."


For real, though: vi, mg, and even ed are great if you're just working with 7-bit ASCII. But if you're not writing text in plain, unaccented US English you're going to want an editor that does UTF-8.

It need not be Emacs, though. That's just my preference.

You know what? The plain old font actually looks pretty good in on .

It helps if you use one of the following depending on your screen:




Unless you're doing italicized text. Then it doesn't look quite so nice.

TBH, getting into is kinda like playing for the first time.

You might make a lot of mistakes at first, but eventually you learn and you "git gud".


Oops. Last I ran put me on 6.6 instead of keeping me in -current. Guess I'd better pull down bsd.rd from /pub/amd64/snapshots/ and do a manual upgrade.

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