A girl I was infatuated with as a much younger man had put this song on a mixtape for me. I was never able to find a copy of the album.

It might be a bit maudlin, especially if you're the sort of metalhead with no tolerance for goth aesthetic, but I've always liked it.

Dark: "Love and Seduction"


As for the girl. I hope she's happy. I don't expect to ever meet her again but I wish her well.


Here's a song I relate to. I think a lot of people can relate to this one.

"Veteran of the Psychic Wars" by the Blue Öyster Cult.

Lyrics by Michael Moorcock



Ken Thompson created in #1969.

Tony Iommi, Geezer Butler, Bill Ward, and Ozzy Osbourne began performing as in #1969?

Coincidence? Probably not, but I like the notion that and are roughly equal in age.

Did you know that I inspired by ? Think androids, catgirls, and demons from outer space.

I have a called "Thirteen Cuts" that you can read for free: matthewgraybosch.com/stories/t

I also have a couple of novels available on Amazon:



I'm currently working on a new novel that reboots my Starbreaker saga. It's called NEVER THE HEROES.


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