Went back to using colors because they're comfortable, and because if I really want to record writing sessions I can use

However, I'm using bigger fonts for comfort instead of playing the masochist and trying to cram as much into the 1366x768 display on my as possible.

Trying a look in with , , , and .

Unfortunately, doesn't quite want to play nice. It doesn't look terrible, but the default colors clash and none of the existing green on black themes look quite right.

Guess I'll have to make my own.

I could probably organize all of the components I want to put together for an without and , but I suspect it would be harder.

Bookmark this URL if you want to follow along.


If anybody has sent to hello@matthewgraybosch.com in the last month or so, I'm sorry I haven't gotten back to you. I accidentally nuked my inbox while messing around with .

Gonna stick with and just make it use as an external editor.

Here's yet another screenshot. Just weaning myself off . Maybe next year you'll see me alternating between a tty running and a tty using for everything else. LOL

Welp. Got to stop using . Now it uses like it's supposed to. :)

(It's not that I can't use vi. It's that I don't want to when composing text as opposed to editing it.)

Here's a screenshot of my outline for /Never the Heroes/ open in Emacs in two panes showing two different parts of the file.

Last night I tried replacing the athena-flavored I compiled from ports with the no_x11 package, mainly for shits and giggles.

I wanted to see if I actually lost any meaningful functionality by not using a GUI build.

Since I was already using Emacs in daemon mode, all I lost was easily replaced by adding the following to my ~/.cwmrc file and restarting :

command emacs "xterm -ls -class emacs -geometry 150x35+5+5 -e emacsclient -t -a \"\" ~"

Still using and as a manually tiling window mangler. :)

We live in a strange world where isn't the biggest memory hog you're likely to have installed. That dubious honor has been going to web browsers for years.

I spent last night beating the shit out of my configuration.I wanted something that installed packages using "use-package" and used the built-in "customize" function to tweak various settings.

Here's a copy for anybody who wants it.



Here's a -powered browser with -style keybindings and customization using LISP.


I started by setting up for my partner on my machines since her MacBook is charging. Also set up so she can move between machines if she wants.

She's just discovered for herself how nice ThinkPad keyboards are for typing. :)

Partner: "Does that app you're using only run on Linux and BSD? I want to try it out."

Me: "You mean ?"

Her: "Yeah. And that org mode stuff that you're using as a poor man's Evernote. It doesn't use the cloud, right?"

Me: "It works on Windows and Mac, too. All of your files get stored locally. Want me to set it up for you and download manuals?"

Her: "Please, but you'll answer questions instead of saying RTFM, right?"

Me: "I stopped doing that years ago at your request, remember?"

I don't know if there are any users who write or (I know they're essentially the same thing.) but if there are they might find the new "sylvia" mode of interest.


Thanks to @emsenn, who was kind enough to remind me that in has the ability to include secondary files within a primary file.

The question is, will the secondary file's own includes also get pulled by the primary as tertiary files?

Time to experiment.

My old has keys that map to XF86Forward and XF86Backward, and uses these to cycle through open buffers. That beats the hell out of using "C-x b" or "C-x C-b". :)

Personally, I think it's adorable that has an email reader called , and that the website <mew.org> has kitties.

You're all fucked now. I've learned how to from . is next...

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