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dredmorbius at is talking about in their feed. Rather than break their train of thought, I'd just like to say this:

I trust people who have proven to me that I can safely interact with them without the need for armor.

If I don't trust you, you're gonna get real intimate with my A.T. Field.

Trying a look in with , , , and .

Unfortunately, doesn't quite want to play nice. It doesn't look terrible, but the default colors clash and none of the existing green on black themes look quite right.

Guess I'll have to make my own.

I wonder what kind of this parking garage elevator in Harrisburg is running.


Here's yet another screenshot. Just weaning myself off . Maybe next year you'll see me alternating between a tty running and a tty using for everything else. LOL

This is a set of I put together back in 2013 when I dropped my first novel, it hit #1 on a few Amazon genre lists, and I thought I had a snowball's chance in hell at making it big.

Underlying artwork is by Sara McSorley.

Here's a screenshot of my outline for /Never the Heroes/ open in Emacs in two panes showing two different parts of the file.

Using has spoiled me. Whenever I'm stuck on a GNU system, (or worse, Windows), my mood goes Tarantino.

OK, having inactive windows fade into the background by setting the root window's color to the same value as the window's background color seemed like a good idea, but isn't really.

I still like the illusion of borderlessness I get for inactive windows by setting border color = window background color, though.

I read ENGINES OF CREATION by K. Eric Drexler back in the day, and every once in a while somebody mentions it and talks about how horrible it would be if ran amok and ate up the world.

I like to fuck with their heads by asking, "Who needs when we've got ?"

Just giving out red pills, that's all.

I'm about to go back to my day job from my lunch break, but before I do I want to announce a little tool called .

It's a lightweight partial replacement for implemented in POSIX that uses by Ted Unangst to control your display's color temperature based on the time.

It's available on at <> under a 2-clause license.

You can run it in ~/.xsession, as a cron job, or in /etc/apm/resume.

uspol, possibly punching down 

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