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First experiment with beds. We've got hosta, alyssium, candytuft, African daisy, and iris bulbs.

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vi and emacs are both perfectly fine editors. So is any other editor that works with Unicode text. Use whatever works for you.


There was this guy in Wallachia who used to know how to deal with spammers. He was Vlad to the bone.

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I meant to spend my lunch break more of my new Starbreaker novel, but I spent it working on my site instead.

I've added a link phlog and a music section. I really should settle on a style for titles and use it consistently throughout, though.

Using Gopher or Lynx? gopher://

Using a Web Browser?

You don't choose the weeb life.
The weeb life chooses you.


Because it's , here's me fucking around with . I just finished upgrading my machine to 6.5, and I've tried reducing my font size so that I can accommodate two 80-column text files displayed side by side.

I know I could do the same with vi inside tmux inside xterm, but I'm used to Emacs.

I was going to start a new chapter of my new Starbreaker novel, but I think I need to let it percolate some more. I'm tired. 😪


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