The rich are job creators

BATMAN (slapping ROBIN)
The rich exploit workers

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Naomi Bradleigh is one of the first characters I created. She started out as a favor for a girl I was dating, and grew into a lead.

Naomi is a former agent of the Phoenix Society, and her silence concerning the organization's true nature and mission was purchased by a promise to make her dream of being a successful vocalist and pianist a reality.

However, she still keeps up with her swordplay, because she knows a reckoning with her true father is long overdue.

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I've had a couple of people ask me about my profile's header image. Here's the deal.

These are from my long-running project, which would be + fanfic if I used an existing setting and characters.

Instead, I developed my own.

I commissioned the artwork from a Filipino artist named Harvey Bunda back in 2012, but each of the characters are of my own creation and design.

The nice thing about having a high-resolution display (at least 2560x1440) is being able to crank up font sizes and actually see what you're doing.

You could try to cram more into the screen (especially with tmux) but I'd rather be comfortable than 31337.

Went back to using colors because they're comfortable, and because if I really want to record writing sessions I can use

However, I'm using bigger fonts for comfort instead of playing the masochist and trying to cram as much into the 1366x768 display on my as possible.

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