The plotting in has always been a bit predictable, but I'm halfway through and every time bad shit happens, it's obvious who's behind it.

None of the bad shit that routinely happens in this game's setting can ever be laid at the feet of some ordinary mortal asshole being themselves.

There's always a puppet master.

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Still using and as a manually tiling window mangler. :)

We live in a strange world where isn't the biggest memory hog you're likely to have installed. That dubious honor has been going to web browsers for years.

I found myself wondering why I was bothering with when has been around longer and is more polished. So I switched.

I've got my T60 back on Debian. I thought I had wifi working on OpenBSD, but it's just too flaky, and even going back to 6.0 doesn't help.

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I know imagine that all are bloodthirsty who want to consign them all to the , but some of us are patient enough to play the long game. Why bother with gulags when we have nursing homes?

Yes, I have an anime avatar now.

No, I haven't gone over to the .

I just like to do the "scary shiny glasses" thing IRL, and tend to strike this pose often in meetings at my day job. :)

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Apparently there's something wrong with me.

I can play video games for hours.
I can read novels with word counts exceeding a quarter million.
But if you want me to watch a movie or a TV series you gotta rig me up like a criminal being subjected to the Ludovico Technique.

Thanks to @emsenn, who was kind enough to remind me that in has the ability to include secondary files within a primary file.

The question is, will the secondary file's own includes also get pulled by the primary as tertiary files?

Time to experiment.

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