This is an article I *really* want to disagree with—I *want* to fully understand my computer—but I'm not sure that I can.

> You cannot learn computers “down to the bottom" because there is no bottom. And you can’t learn them "just far enough that you fully understand them” because there is not some fully understandable, predictable layer between deploying your Node.js app to Heroku and “the bottom,” which does not exist.


@codesections I feel like I should at least *try* to fully understand my computer, since I fuck around with computers for a living and use one to write shitty , but I know better than to do.

Computers are inherently devices, and to seek too deep an understanding of their workings is to court madness.

@starbreaker @codesections

I find this article a waste of letters.

Learn and use the language appropriate to the job you want done.

That would have said it. It makes me wonder why folks always need to say there are good or bad languages. I have used more than ten different assemblers, from 8bit devices to IBM /370, used C, Basic, Cobol, PL/1, dbase, html, scripting, and much more. If learning specific languages is damaging, then I should have almost complete brain damage by now :)

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