For some reason I got to reading about the macro language while taking a dump, and now I'm wondering just how hard it is to create a website with modern white-hat SEO metadata using plain , m4(1), and make(1) on .


Of course, the hard part would be creating the feed and XML sitemap.

@starbreaker not sure, don't know much m4 but if you can loop you can create RSS :D

I'd be happy to hear about your project :)

@solene Thanks, but I don't have a project yet. Just idle curiosity to while away a slow day at the office. But if I end up actually doing something and think to document it, I'll let you know.

@solene BTW, it looks like doesn't have any looping itself, but does. It shouldn't be that hard to define a make target for creating the front matter for an RSS file, processing individual entries, and then adding the closing tags.

@starbreaker @solene "it looks like doesn't have any looping"

Ah, but it does: m4 has recursion (another reason to wisely choose the quoting pair. Making sure back tics and single quotes are properly paired can drive you crazy).

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