Went back to using colors because they're comfortable, and because if I really want to record writing sessions I can use

However, I'm using bigger fonts for comfort instead of playing the masochist and trying to cram as much into the 1366x768 display on my as possible.

@galacticstone Damn. Are you using that much RAM just for GNOME and gnome-terminal, or do you have Firefox/Chrome open in the background?

@starbreaker - Firefox is open with two tabs. I usually use LXDE for resource-intensive work. Today I am feeling decadent and using Gnome.

@starbreaker I'm running #Gnome lately; I normally run Sway, but my #Fedora 31 update broke it. I've fixed it, but have been staying on Gnome for the sake of variety. Here's a transparent #emacs on its own desktop. This is on a #ThinkPad #x230. I've been using light themes, because apparently dark themes are harder on my aging eyes.


@gcupc That's pretty, but isn't translucency distracting after a while?

@starbreaker For me, it's fine, as long as there is not text behind it. Having the background showing through is good.

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