I'm about to go back to my day job from my lunch break, but before I do I want to announce a little tool called .

It's a lightweight partial replacement for implemented in POSIX that uses by Ted Unangst to control your display's color temperature based on the time.

It's available on at <> under a 2-clause license.

You can run it in ~/.xsession, as a cron job, or in /etc/apm/resume.

I found a bug in where the script wasn't handling times outside daylight hours properly.

That's fixed in v1.1.0, and the script will also check $DISPLAY to confirm that you have X11 running.

@starbreaker I can't focus on the code because the screenshot is so attractive I have to admire all those shades of grey, titlebar-free windowing, thick borders and xload in the corner... would you please be so kind and tell us, what window manager you are using?

@starbreaker @tedu there is sctd as well, comes with the openbsd sct package :D

@qbit oh, btw, in sctd.1 the caveat about 500 degree steps doesn't make sense? sct interpolates between values.
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