My account is locked for a reason, people. I'm only interested in followers with whom I can at least have a /semblance/ of a meaningful interaction.

Please do not send me a follow request until you have ...

1. fillled out your profile
2. selected an avatar
3. posted an in English

If these minimum requirements seem onerous to you, remember that I did not ask you to follow me.

@starbreaker you aren't on any of the trunk lists are you? that's how I get the no-avatars a lot of the time I think

@starbreaker maybe. I just let those stew for a while. either they go nowhere and I toss the request. or they (less rarely) blossom and I know whether to accept.

@deejoe I've been down with a cold for the last few days, and I must be on the mend if I can spare energy to get annoyed by such trivial shit as this. :)

@starbreaker Seems some if us snuck through... I really should do an introduction one of these days.

@uxintro You might have gotten through before I clamped down in response to the advent of instances run by rejects from *chan, Gab, and Kiwi Farms.

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