I found myself wondering why I was bothering with when has been around longer and is more polished. So I switched.

@h3artbl33d I am, but I switched this machine from to because I couldn't make the built-in Atheros AR5418 hardware work consistently on OpenBSD.

However, Debian /does/ have CWM, so my next step will probably be to install it and integrate it with bits of XFCE.

Though I do have a lot of cwm-style keybindings already configured in xfwm. :)

@starbreaker Sometimes I "borrow" some of your dotfiles on Github. For instance, the Redshift config is my default now :)

@h3artbl33d Glad that old repo proved useful. I have a more recent repo on at <>, but I had stopped using redshift in favor of sct. :)

@starbreaker Nice! Definitely will dig through that. Already like the wallpaper!

@h3artbl33d Thanks. Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne was a great RPG, and long overdue for a remaster. :)

@starbreaker XFCE's come a long way since the early 2000s when it was pretty much a CDE clone.

@ND3JR Indeed. It's even got manual tiling with configurable hotkeys, and lets you set your compose key wihtout using a separate utility.

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