After major security vulnerabilities or data breaches, "security people" show up and tell you to delete your account immediately. "Oh, time to delete your account! Switch to service/product … instead!"

Such statements totally ignore that security vulnerabilities are widespread and the vast majority of data breaches won't become publicly-known. Full control over your data and devices requires 100% isolation from the internet, not just arbitrarily switching services or products.


@infosechandbook yeah, rather then pointing at what people should use, we are better of educating people why one would want to use a service or why not.

@blacklight447 @infosechandbook teach people that everything they store might end up in public. Do not store unnecessary data no matter what platform or technologically you use.


@Bobo_PK @blacklight447 @infosechandbook

The internet is not safe, and will never be made safe. Anything you make accessible to the internet will be used against you.

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