Apparently there's something wrong with me.

I can play video games for hours.
I can read novels with word counts exceeding a quarter million.
But if you want me to watch a movie or a TV series you gotta rig me up like a criminal being subjected to the Ludovico Technique.

@starbreaker My awareness of time for passive entertainment has definitely changed.

My favourite programs used to be British detective dramas, such as Poirot; I still enjoy them, but they often feel slightly long now.

@DaveHiggins It really doesn't help that most sci-fi/fantasy TV/movies really just look like cutscenes from video games developed by people with AAA ambition and indie budgets.

@starbreaker There’s something triply wrong with me then: On top of not being able to read books, watch most movies and TV shows without experiencing an irrepressible urge to look at my phone I also lost my ability to play and enjoy hours-long video game sessions.

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