Webdevs: I have a componentized, packed, compressed, lazy-loaded React/Angular/Vue/whatever’s hot today site.

Me: Static HTML and CSS, motherfucker.

@starbreaker Literally the only reason I learned React was to make me more marketable. I've yet to see a compelling reason to use it other than "it's flashy and cool."

@sandrockcstm I had some kid trying to sell me on JSX yesterday, but all I could see was a mess of structure and style wrapped up in JS. Minus the JS, that's how we used to do shit before CSS was a thing, and it was fucking horrible.

@starbreaker The one literal advantage I could find with it compared to more brutalist styling was that it allows you to update things in real time without a page refresh... but you can probably do that with something more lightweight and less brain-bendy.

Honestly I think the only reason it gained any traction is because Facebook developed it.

@sandrockcstm Sounds like another crime for which Mark Zuckerberg should be made to answer. :)

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